New App Helps Sex Partners Prove They're STD-FreeWant to show your new partner that your private parts are super clean? You no longer have to make that couple’s visit to the doctor to get results. Now, you can have test results sent directly from the doctor to your smartphone via a new app called Hula.

The goal, according to the app’s CEO Ramin Bastani, is to encourage more people to have honest conversations about their sexual history.

“The status quo is if you and I meet and you ask me if I’ve been tested, the instant response is, ‘Of course I have,’ and I’m offended,” he told BetaBeat.

“We want to bring transparency to the STD testing world. We want to make STD testing suck less.”

Results on the app can’t be altered or compromised; this ensures that whoever views the information can trust that the information is legitimate. The app also shows the amount of time that has passed since your last test was taken.

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