On April 20, 1989, Trisha Meili was found in Central Park unconscious, badly beaten, raped and partially clothed.  The NYPD then rounded up several young men who happened to be in the area at that time.   Although there was a lack of DNA, no eyewitnesses and conflicting confessions, Kevin Richardson (14), Raymond Santana (14), Yusef Salaam (15), Antron McCray (15) and Korey Wise (16) were found guilty of rape in a jury trial and sent to prison. They were soon to become known as the “Central Park 5” (CP5).

The CP5 spent years in prison before the real perpetrator confessed and their sentences were vacated in 2002.

Last April, noted documentarian Ken Burns debuted his Central Park Five documentary on PBS. The documentary delved into the tactics used to coerce the CP5, as well as nterviews from the five men, footage and newspaper clippings from that time.  According to filmmaker Ken Burns, who made a documentary on the Central Park Five case, New York Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio plans to settle the $250M civil suit filed by the men known as the “Central Park Five”.

“Bill de Blasio, the mayor-elect, has agreed to settle this case,” Burns told the Huffington Post on Tuesday, “and though this is justice delayed way too long, and that is justice denied, [they] will not only be exonerated … but they will have justice, they will see some closure, they will be able to be made whole.”

The civil suit the CP5 have filed is worth $250 million dollars. The next hearing on the case, that was set before de Blasio’s comments, is scheduled for January 21.

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