A recent Gallup poll suggests that although the gender gap is narrowing, people still prefer to have a male boss.

Gallup’s poll sampled 2,059 adults, and 35% chose to work for a man and 23% said they preferred women bosses. But if you look at a similar poll done by Gallup in 1952, 66% of Americans preferred a male boss.

Ladies, we’re moving on up in the world! They like you, they really like you.

There have been plenty of times in my career where my male colleagues would say their women bosses were always micromanagers, or didn’t take kindly to opposing views. Sometimes I wondered if they were actually talking about their mothers or wives. I will say in my own experiences, my least favorite boss happens to be a man, pretty much because of the micromanaging issues and unwillingness to accept other people’s suggestions and views.

Stereotypes and the fact that there are more male leaders in the workplace than women, play a huge role in how women are perceived in the workplace. Let a man demand something to be done with force and a sense of urgency, he’ll be called an excellent leader. But let a woman show the same traits, the first thing people will think is “Oh, she’s such a bitch”.

On the flip side of this Gallup poll, that no one seems to be mentioning, is that 4 out of 10 people surveyed don’t care if their boss is a man or woman. These are probably the people who realize they’re at their job to get one thing accomplished, and that’s their job.

Clutchettes, do you prefer a woman or a man boss?

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