Is waxing your pubic hair bad?

In 2010, Debby Herbeneck, PhD, research scientist at Indiana University, published a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine about the shaving or non shaving habits of women. According to her study, 67% of 18-24 year olds shaved some off pubic hair, 57% had shaved it all off at some point in the past month, 6% had waxed some off in the past month, and 6% had waxed it all of in the past month.

“Despite common myths that most young women go bare, we found a diversity of pubic hair styles among women,” she says. “It was generally more common than not for women to keep at least some hair. However, women’s total removal of their pubic hair was linked with younger age, sexual orientation (bisexual women were more likely to remove all of their pubic hair), having a sexual partner, having had cunnilingus in the past month and higher scores on female genital self-image and sexual function.”

Since I’m way beyond the age used in her study, I’ll just say that most of my girlfriends over 30 prefer to enlist the help of wax when it comes to their grooming needs.

The thought of getting a Brazilian or any form of waxing down there brings tears to my eyes. I get teary eyed just from getting my eyebrows threaded or tweezed, so I can’t imagine patches of hair being snatched off my cooch. But I also can’t imagine shaving any more, out of fear of ingrown hairs.  And in the summer time? Au naturale? No, that’s just not an option either.  For myself, I’m a fan of hair free legs, armpits and as little on love below as possible.  For the last few years, my best shower buddy has been Nair Brazilian Spa Clay. Sure it might smell a little like a fruity boiled egg, but there’s no pain or worries about any ingrown hairs. Wipe on, wipe off and I love it.

What I also find interesting is that a simple search about women’s depilatory habits will bring up thousands of articles on what men prefer. I’m not sure about you ladies, but my grooming choices have nothing to do with what a man likes, either when I’m single or when I’m in a relationship.


Clutchettes, what do you prefer? 

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