Piano LessonsIf there is one thing that I wish I could change — and is on my to-do list to actually do one day – it would be learning to play an instrument. No, I didn’t opt-in to band during my public school days. Playing and up keeping an instrument was way too expensive. But over time, I realized how playing an instrument and taking music lessons adds so much value to the human psyche. It teaches you coordination, improves your memory, and stimulates the brain. It also requires much discipline, a trait everyone needs if they want to be successful in life.  And on top of it all, being able to play a Beethoven composition on the piano instead of the first line of “Chopsticks” is just so much more clutch.

It may have seemed boring and tiresome to have to play instruments — especially if your parents forced you to do it when you were younger — but looking back now you may be able to see all the ways that it benefited you in life.

So, we want to know Clutchettes: have you ever taken piano lessons? Did your parents ever force you to take lessons? How did it impact you?

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