So you’re ready for marriage. You’ve been in a long term relationship with your boyfriend, but he hasn’t popped the question yet.  All of your girlfriends are flashing their new engagement rings and planning their weddings. Always a bridesmaid, but if you keep on waiting for him to pop the question, will you ever be a bride?

But what’s stopping you from asking your boyfriend for his hand in marriage?

This the same exact question that I came across earlier this week on a Facebook post and needless to say, the responses were quite interesting:

“My wife asked me, Been married 2yrs now and we just brought our first home. I can assure you 90% of women are still waiting for him to ask. 5% might have gotten an engagement ring but still waiting on him to set a date. 4% probably has a date set. The that 1% who say they don’t care about being married is a muthafuckin lie. Nobody wants to be alone and no woman on earth wants to be a jump off forever. But then again I don’t know shit. So scratch all of what I said….Lol”
“A man that finds a wife not a woman that finds a husband”
“Hellllll to the no!!! First off asking a man to marry you is like giving him the ultimatum, backing him into a corner yet keeping him from embarrassing your butt… When a man is ready to get married he will drop to his knees and pop the question… Something’s are just for men like birth is just for women!!!”
“I believe if a man really loves “me” he will want me “enough” to ask me. If I have to ask him, he must not think I’m worth it plus; if I have to take that lead it may be a sign of things to come.”
And those were just the tip of the icebergs. I did notice a lot of people quoted from the bible, “a man findeth a wife”. I’m not a bible reader, but it seems as though that’s yet another “rule” people want to abide by.
A recent Glamour article asked men how would the feel about a woman proposing to them and the majority of the  men seemed to be in favor of the idea:

“It just wouldn’t feel good. If you’re in a relationship and she’s asking, something isn’t right.”—Nick N., 26

“Totally! It would take the pressure off of me and save me the five grand on a ring.”
—Matt C., 24

“I’d feel kind of awkward. But if I were in love, it would save me the nervousness.”
—Angel O., 33

“It would be weird, but I’d get used to it. But I probably wouldn’t tell my friends how it went down.”
—Gabriel S., 28

“If I loved her—great! Men always do it; it’s about time a woman stepped up.”
—Xavier M., 29


Clutchettes, what do you think about a woman proposing to a man? 

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