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I usually don’t call most “fashion” garbage, but that’s the first word that came to mind when I saw these t-shirt dresses. Peggy Noland is the “concept” designer, most recently responsible for outfitting Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, decided it would be cool to attach Oprah Winfrey’s head to various naked bodies.

In a recent interview with The Cut, Noland explains, “why Oprah?”:

This is a collaboration with designer [and Misbehave creative director] Sally Thurer. She’s the one who made the graphic. For me, it originated as kind of the age old [red] carpet question: Who are you wearing? And this clearly is: You’re wearing Oprah instead of a designer. Sally mentioned from the onset of this collaboration that one of Oprah’s most effective qualities is that she’s a placeholder, she’s a stand-in for you with her foibles and her failures — especially with her public weight issues. I’m interested and sensitive to this increased access that we have to celebrities and to all of their ups and downs, for better or worse. I feel like it’s kind of my own personal exploration and exploitation of just that.

Why naked Oprah?

There’s a David Nelson painting of the former mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington. He’s nude except for women’s lingerie. It caused this huge uproar in the late eighties in Chicago. It’s kind of an updated version of that. We feel very protective of our public figures. We don’t want them to be exposed that way, but we feel like they’re ours, too. The simpler, more lighthearted idea is that it’s like one of those bikini-printed beach shirts. I think there are some really meaningful philosophical layers. I can’t believe I just said “philosophical” when talking about a dress. We share a humorous underpinning to all our work. That’s why there’s naked Oprah with a KISS face. It can nod to how ridiculous the fashion industry is at times.

Only three words come to mind: Tacky ass shit. But I guess that’s how some people prefer their art and fashion.

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  • Anna

    Those designers are definitely living up to the name white trash.

  • vintage3000

    As already noted, why are so many White people (not all) obsessed with us?

    What kind of mental illness is it where a group of people are unable to stop projecting their filth and diseased minds onto others who are minding their business? Maybe that demon Janet Elizabeth can explain it to us, instead of showing up in threads blaming Black murder victims. Thankfully I know decent White people personally, or I would swear they are the most hateful species on Earth. People like this chick here should really just admit their insecurities and get help, instead of trying to intellectualize their venom like this latest stunt which targets one of our legends and most influential people in the world. They can’t handle it, so in their sick minds this is how they deal with it. Incredible.

  • Jess-s

    This is tacky, have you no class?

  • Jess-s

    “That’s why there’s naked Oprah with a KISS face. It can nod to how ridiculous the fashion industry is at times.”

    No its not!
    It’s a nod to how ridiculous, disrespectful and delusional you are.

    I hope that Oprah files a suit, this should not be taken lightly, and ALL women should be offended by this!

  • RJ

    White people stupidity is unfortunately a given and they need to be raked over the coals for this, but who are the black women they used for the dress? If stock photos were used, then the “models” would not have a say.

    But if they hired black women and took their picture I have to ask: Did they co-sign this or were they unaware of the designer’s intentions?

    Sadly, too many of our people are so thirsty for white people’s acceptance they will partake in anything. They actually think that white people know what’s best and are the authorities when it comes to what is cool and hip.

    I am not trying to deflect from the biggest culprit, the designer, but I also know that there may be accomplice in this nonsense. If these photos were not stock photos and the women were hired by the designer, then I want to know what they were thinking.