There’s nothing like a scorned person. Some people can easily walk away from a situation, but others take revenge.  In the age of the internet, revenge is as easy as logging onto to website. A new website now allows women to anonymously post information about their husband’s or boyfriend’s alleged mistresses.  Wives and girlfriends are now handing “Scarlet Letters” out to women on

What these women are doing isn’t anything new. There are countless other sites that are aimed at outing the men involved in these relationships as well, but in a recent ABC News report, a woman found her name scattered all over

From ABC News:

Dana Scott, 29, said she found her name and location plastered on after she had ended an affair with a married man three years ago. Since the post about the affair appeared on the site a few months ago, Scott said she has been bombarded with insulting comments, derogatory names, even death wishes, online.

“I looked at it last night for the first time in months and started bawling my eyes out,” Scott said.

Ariella Alexander — that’s her online alias — is the woman who started and said she created it as a way to teach adulteresses a lesson.

“I hate to say it, but it’s going to — it can follow you for the rest of your life,” she said. “You appear on Google, I mean, everyone now knows what you’ve done.”

The website, which has more than 250,000 likes on Facebook, claims to expose the names, pictures and often torrid details about accused homewreckers and their adulterous ways. is a new twist on the booming trend of “revenge” websites, which allow jilted lovers or angry exes to humiliate their former flings.

Some people have called the revenge website another form of  placing the blame on women and not holding the men accountable. But there’s always sites like Don’t Date Him Girl, which is relaunching next year, Woman Savers and countless other “bust a cheater” websites geared towards outing men.  I guess what’s good for the cheating goose, is good for the gander who’s cheating with him? Oh, before anyone rushes over to the site to post a homewrecker, the site is currently down.

Clutchettes, what do you think about sites like

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  • We should really handle our personal business…personally!

  • alc

    there is one!

  • My boyfriend of 5 years dumped me for a co-worker ……. we have a 4 year old daughter and he dumped me a week after our 5 year Anniversary…… now I’m the only one to blame for OUR RELATIONSHIP GOING BAD…. not him so he says, I really wish he would STOP MAKING ME FEEL LIKE IT WAS MY FAULT . Then after telling me that he wants to be single …… a few weeks before his daughter’s Birthday he’s in a relationship with his co-worker talking about they thinks it’s best for my daughter if THEY RAISED HER AS A FAMILY ….SO I TOLD THEM BOTH TO GO FUCK THEMSELVES AND THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.