World Star Hip Hop is a cesspool of fighting, twerking and a whole lot of NSFW.  But now, one video has people talking about parenting and disciplining your child.

An unnamed mother recently recorded her day at school with her daughter. This wasn’t any type of school play or musical day, but one where she followed her daughter from class to class, because apparently the girl just “cannot act right” in school.

The two minute long video shows the mother taunting her daughter as she walks to her last period class, the one she “can’t get right” in.

“This is what happens when your child cannot act right in school… This is what happens when she cannot act right. Her parent has to come to school.”

“But ask me do I give a damn. When you don’t act right in these people’s school and they have to call me, then I come to your school and I shows out.”

As she follows her child to her last class, you can hear one boy in the background yell, “I want you to be my momma”. Maybe that boy wishes his mother took that much interest in him.

Once the mother reaches her daughter’s last class of the day, she sits next to her daughter and even talks to her classmates. In unison the classmates say, “She cannot act right”.

The mother, after totally embarrassing her daughter, asks, “Are we going to act right?” She replies, “Yes”

“So hopefully, she will get her act together and I don’t have to come back no mo,” she tells the camera.

What this mother did is nothing new.  All through elementary school, I had mothers and fathers sit in on their child’s class once they received reports of them being unruly.  But now with social media, parents are recording their version of discipline videos and posting them on Facebook.  The video was shared on  Facebook over 5,000 times then posted on World Star and received 639,000 views, so far.

Maybe the little girl in the video learned her lesson? I’m sure if she didn’t this time, the mother will keep her word and return.


Clutchettes, what do you think about the mother and her disciplining tactics?

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