JournalOne thing I remembered doing as a young girl in middle school was spilling out my emotions on a blue-sheeted notebook, you know back in the days when gel pens were popular and everyone was buzzing about burning CDs on their desktop computer at home. Writing in a journal at a young age really allowed me to work through my feelings and become a stronger individual, especially during a period in my life when so much change is happening internally and around me. Flash forward several years later and I still find myself jotting down my feelings intermittently in a journal that sits on my nightstand. Having the opportunity to release without restraint from time to time is a beautiful feeling, one that offers a safe space in which the real can be recognized and pain can be discarded.

Words heal, and that’s why every person should consider journaling. Writing (not typing!) thoughts down in a blank book or on lined paper is often an overlooked self-therapy strategy. It’s not expensive and can doesn’t have to be crammed into a busy schedule — you can write in your journal at the moments that feel most convenient to you. More importantly, it slows down your thoughts, freeing you from the traps of falling into a “busy” lifestyle and it also keeps you honest with yourself.

Journaling is a great way to spot patterns and trends in the way you handle situations or deal with your emotions; it puts you face to face with your true self and helps you recognize who you really are and the areas in which you need to improve. It also pushes you to live a freer and more present life. By pausing to express yourself to one set of eyes on a regular basis, you break away any feelings of judgment that may build up from being at work or in class on a daily basis. No one is there to check your grammar or to tell you to construct compound sentences. Journaling allows you to shake away the stress and simply be.  It is important to find this balance in life — otherwise you’ll end up flying through your days on autopilot, not truly living and enjoying each moment for what it is.

There are several benefits in journaling — do you write for yourselves, Clutchettes? Why?


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