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We know how you all love these random ass studies people come up with, but this one may save a marriage or two, even before the proposal happens.  If you’re a heavy drinker, you may want to find someone else who drinks so you both live happily ever after in a drunken stupor together. Well, that’s not exactly what the study is saying, but it’s close enough.

Researchers at The University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions followed 634 couples for 9 years after their weddings, and found that nearly half of couples with one heavy drinker wound up divorced, compared to 30 percent of mutually drunk couples. The researchers also discovered that the divorce rate in drinking couples was no higher than in couples where neither person drank.  The researchers suggest that it’s the lack of the shared interest in drinking that drives a marriage apart.  Even more interesting, in a handful of couples,  the divorce rate was higher in couples where the woman was the heavy drinker.

So ladies and gents, according to this study, if you’re a drinker you may want to make sure your partner is one as well.


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  • Another study where the first thing that comes to my mind is the word “duh”. This can go for a lot of things.

  • SE

    I feel sorry for the kids born to those parents.

  • ruggie

    A grim take on being “equally yoked.”

    • Yep! I divorced my ex husband cause he couldn’t quit the daily 6 packs, w**d and hard liquor. Then date another woman that had the same fun filled habit as he did just to dump her later. Like huh????? Talking about making sense. Oh well, that’s the next woman’s problem. :)

  • MommieDearest

    It’s a darn shame that money was wasted on this “study” that could have gone somewhere more deserving. *smh*

  • Is this not common sense though? Why would you marry someone who isn’t living the same kinda life (or at least a compatible one) as you?