Tevin Hamilton, a Chicago teen who was unable to give his kidney to his mother, has decided to donate it to a stranger so that his mother, Rhonda McClarn, can get one from another donor.

Hamilton was 6 years old when he first found out of his mother’s illness and need for a new kidney. She’s been on dialysis for years.

“When I first found out, it was kind of sad, because I was like, ‘Now she’s helpless,’ and I want to save her,” Hamilton told CBS Chicago.

He found out at the age of 18, when he was finally old enough to donate his kidney, that he wasn’t the right match for his mother. He agreed to a paired kidney exchange, which instead of putting his mother back on a waiting list would allow her to get a kidney from a stranger sooner if Hamilton donated his kidney.

When she found out that her doctors had found a match for her McClarn was ecstatic.

“I just cried and prayed, cried and prayed, because I didn’t think I would ever hear that,” she said.

Hamilton and his mother are scheduled to undergo the surgery on November 25.

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