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Duck face, CrossFit and words on butts. I’m not sure if these are just related to white girls, but this parody video by Yahoo! seems to think so!

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  • Pseudonym

    Definitely only applies to the demographic of rich white girls, but I get where they were trying to go.

  • Karyn

    Although this may not account for all of the white girls in the world…but it does account for most of the white girls I knew and currently know. I couldn’t help but to chuckled a few times. Clever.

  • apple

    this is pretty accurate.

  • Mixedgirl

    Side note: I have defiantly hit my face with my phone multiple times. I laughed so hard at that part.

  • HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! what’s wrong with popchips?! those are deliciuos!