Crazy racist Craig Cobb has made news again. Maybe he still isn’t able to accept the fact that he’s 14% Sub-Saharan African. On the heels of his talk show appearance, Cobb will now star in “Orange Is The New Black”, the real life version.

Over the weekend, Cobb was arrested in Leith, N.D. after residents called 911 to tell police that him and his fellow racist had confronted them with a rifle and a shotgun. The sheriff told the  Bismarck Tribune that the men will be charged with three counts of terrorizing.

From The Tribune: 

Their use of guns with Leith residents raises three months of tension to its highest level yet, and Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay said residents should feel at ease at least for now that the men are in custody at the Mercer County jail in Stanton.

The sheriff said because it’s the weekend it could take time for the paperwork, but he’s assembling evidence for three separate charges of terrorizing against Cobb, 62, and Dutton, 29.

Dutton is already on bond for a charge of disorderly conduct for drunken behavior in Leith and further charges could violate his bond conditions.

Bay said Dutton’s rifle and Cobb’s shotgun had not been confiscated and he planned to attempt to recover them from Cobb’s residence later Saturday.

Deborah Dutton remained at Cobb’s house with five children, ages 4 through teens. She accompanied the men around town, but carried a cell phone to record the interactions, not a weapon.

Cobb is already a hate crimes fugitive from Canada.

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