I haven’t stepped foot into a church in a long time, so I’m not sure what type of food is currently being served at church picnics or baptismals. But from what one pastor is doing at his church, I guess it’s safe to assume there’s a lot of fried chicken being passed around. Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church pastor Michael Minor says chicken is no longer allowed in his church because it’s unhealthy and because “fried chicken has mysterious powers,” Minor told WMC-TV.  Hells yeah it does, a good piece battered in some buttermilk and fried to a golden crust is bound to have someone feel like the holy ghost hit them.

Minor banned fried chicken at church dinners along with sugary drinks to help combat obesity.

“People are healthier, more energy. Their weight is down and once you get the weight down, you want to keep it down,” said Minor.

Once again, exactly how much chicken did these people eat?

Minor’s healthy eating  was inspired by Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” healthy eating initiative and his church also received a federal grant for his efforts to get Mississippi residents registered for Obamacare.


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