Picture-39The interview process nearly always includes a sit down with human resources as well as your potential future boss and colleagues. The folks in HR don’t have to do your job everyday so they know the bare minimum about the day-to-day requirements of the position being filled and they’re also unlikely to have to deal with whoever gets the job on a daily basis, so what exactly are they looking for and how do they determine whether you’ve made the cut? Honestly, what HR people use to size you up can vary based on the company, position and sometimes individual judgments and preferences. Since there is no real way of telling, I’ve found five basic tips that can help any job-hunter looking to wow human resources in an interview at least make it to the top 5, and hopefully across the finish line to the job of your dreams.

Show humility. You got the interview right? HR already thinks you’re pretty amazing, no need to be overly aggressive and cocky about what you have to offer. Show a little humility, and it can go a long way with HR professionals.

Never badmouth anything or anyone. This applies to your former employer, coworkers, your neighbor….anyone! We all have bosses we simply can’t stand, but if you go into an interview bad mouthing and complaining about your former position, then it’s safe to assume you’ll complain at the new job and who wants to hire someone like that?

Don’t tell your life story. An interview is not the place to go on and on about your mother issues, the bills you can’t pay or that time in elementary school when Tommy Newman cheated off your test paper, but you got in trouble for it. HR is not to be confused with Dr. Phil, save the couch talk for after the interview.

Bring every question full circle. When you’re asked questions during the interview frame your examples in a way that relates to the job description, the issues in the industry, or the company’s mission. Be relevant and you will be remembered.

Suck up…a little. HR people are humans too so just like us they like a compliment here and there. Take a look around the office for awards or something noteworthy that can help you make a connection. Who knows, your praise might be remembered.

What interview tips work best for you?

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