RNC Communications Director for Black Media Orlando Watson, who was hired in October , appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to discuss the RNC’s Rosa Park tweet, in which they declared Parks was responsible for ending racism.

“And talking about a typo and a tweet, it’s old news,” Watson said.

But Watson didn’t seem to enthused to discuss the typo to begin with.

When MSNBC host Thomas Roberts asked if it was “defensible” for GOP governors to reject the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, Watson took the question as an opportunity to focus on President Obama’s track record of helping the black community.

“What I don’t find defensible is after five years of, you know, living under President Obama, you know, he has little to show for what he’s done for the black community,” Watson said, before claiming that the health care law has “particularly” hurt the jobless rate in the black community.

“So while we’re focused on, you know, trying to create jobs, private sector jobs, good-paying jobs, career-making jobs, I would ask, you know, what exactly has the President done for the black community?” Watson said.

The least the RNC could have done was find someone who wouldn’t just regurgitate talking points and actually answer questions.

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