Every one has expressed their opinion about it.  Some hate it, others loathe it. Some have over-analyzed it.  She’s not a feminist. She’s not here for gays. She’s too hetero-normative.

Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

So what’s over analysis without a little sarcasm from Black Twitter?  Especially since they’re partaking in the analysis as well. #Beyoncethinkpieces was started by a simple tweet from Adriana Nova, the social media at @nymag.Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-1.50.09-PM

And naturally everyone joined in.


Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-2.00.01-PM Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-1.58.47-PM


Also, the end. We’re done with Beyoncé. You’re welcome.

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  • Yes. I love it! The over analytical BS is quite wearing on the soul.

  • Whitney’s Receipts

    LMAO People really did go overboard with the think pieces.

  • katie

    You can’t over analyze something especially when you make a good point. I may not agree with all the conclusions, but if someone make a good point, mocking them won’t change that. Even if the analyzations are done ad nauseam. People that put themselves in the public eye must prepare to get analyzed. I don’t know why people are acting disassociated with this fact unless the analyzations are making them uncomfortable. Hence why they hid behind the satire instead of challenging the issue head on.

    Probably because those twitterers know deep down those critical thinkers might be correct about some things. Why else would you get on the defensive for someone that doesn’t know you and isn’t paying you to defend them? Strange.

    • I believe the point these “twitterers” (also known as “critical thinkers”) and the artist herself are trying to make is that Beyonce can’t be everything to everyone. The ridiculous amount of so- called analysis that this one woman’s work has garnered in the last few days is incredible and most of it grasps at straws, hence the hashtag and the comedic takes on article headlines. This doesn’t discredit the very few pieces that made noteworthy critiques. However, everyone with keyboard has tried their best to gain 5 minutes of shine from this artist’s work. Lastly, I don’t think hashtag this was in any way in defense of Beyonce, in my opinion this was pure comedy mixed with boredom and exasperation with yet another #BeyonceThinkPiece popping up this their news feed.