Every one has expressed their opinion about it.  Some hate it, others loathe it. Some have over-analyzed it.  She’s not a feminist. She’s not here for gays. She’s too hetero-normative.

Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé.

So what’s over analysis without a little sarcasm from Black Twitter?  Especially since they’re partaking in the analysis as well. #Beyoncethinkpieces was started by a simple tweet from Adriana Nova, the social media at @nymag.Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-1.50.09-PM

And naturally everyone joined in.


Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-2.00.01-PM Screen-Shot-2013-12-18-at-1.58.47-PM


Also, the end. We’re done with Beyoncé. You’re welcome.

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