Rabbi Gary Moskowitz, a black-belt rabbi, visited CNN yesterday afternoon to speak about the “knock-out” game and how it is allegedly affecting the Jewish community in New York City.  Moskowitz, a former cop turned self-defense instructor, says he’s now teaching Jewish people how  to defend themselves from perpetrators he compared to animals.

“The issue is … they’re not just attacking Jews theologically. What they’re doing is, they’re attacking weaker people. It’s very much like the animal kingdom,” he said. “They’re attacking weaker people. So they attack elderly women, they attack children. And Jewish people, unfortunately, especially in the Orthodox community are considered weak.”

Did I mention while he was sitting there comparing  young black teens perpetrators to animals, because we all know what the undertone is  pretty much alleging, Don Lemon sat there and said absolutely nothing.

But Lemon did let Moskowitz test out his self-defense techniques on him:


So now you have Moskowitz and his vigilante inspired rhetoric, spreading panic throughout the Jewish community in New York City, because of  what is now being described as isolated incidents.  What world am I living in when a black man is sitting around and hears someone comparing black people to animals?

Way to go Don Lemon and CNN.


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