On the heels of Dwayne Wade’s and Gabrielle Union’s engagement announcement, a report about Wade’s newborn son is now making headlines.

In a recent interview with ET News, an “insider” told the website that Wade fathered a child with a woman he was with while on a break from Union. The report also states that Wade and Union both worked through the “issue” privately as a couple, and Union was aware of the child before the engagement.

Although there is no mention of the baby’s mother, Union did have a few words to share via Twitter, whether they’re in response to the private matter now being made public isn’t known:


Wade already has full custody of his two sons after a nasty divorce battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches, and is also raising his nephew. Union has no kids of her own.

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  • Well…well..well.

    I remember in the not so distant past, I stated that I felt sorry for Wade’s ex wife. I also stated that Gabby and Wade dragged Siohvaughn’s name through the mud and made her appear to be nothing better than a piece of dog crap (New Year=less profanity). My comment received 20+ thumbs down; everyone said that I was delusional and that she was crazy and bitter. Then weeks later, photos of Gabby and Wade were all over the net and people were praising the home-wrecker for making Wade happy.

    Welllll….look at Wade now! New baby on the way, by an unknown woman and Gabby is walking around…flashing her blood diamond around. I don’t feel sorry Gabby at all; she really had this coming.

    • Maya

      it’s a blood diamond til you got one.

  • This whole situation is MESSY…DWade and Ms. Union BOTH NEED TO get out of the public eye and “take a break”….I am happy being a regular person if this kind of mess is had by being financially privileged…

  • tee

    I wonder if Gabby had gotten pregnant “while on break” would Wade still be willing to work it out & then propose to her. Hmm. Iyanla Vanzant once said “women tend to accept the unacceptable. Good luck with that.

  • I want to know what is happening to his poor children. First, the divorce now this messiness and who knows how many women he was/is juggling around his kids. Just terrible. She needs to leave him and he needs some family therapy with his kids so they don’t continue this same cycle.

  • Who says this report is actually accurate? People can say and post anything online without verification of facts. Be careful of what you read and then believe. There are many people that attempt to make “their opinions as factual events”. Just saying…