The most exciting thing to be found in a traditional Christmas newsletter is usually a clever pun or the audacious use of Comic Sans in multiple colors. The Holderness family decided it was time to shake up the Christmas newsletter format, so they made theirs in video form, while wearing matching “Xmas Jammies,” and rapped about all their important life updates — including a triathlon, a bit part in “Iron Man 3,” a dance recital, and a vasectomy — to the tune of Will Smith’s “Welcome To Miami.” And, well, it’s just as corny and hilarious and amazing as it sounds. [YouTube]

The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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  • copelli

    Oh people, lighten up. It was cute and fun and the family was adorably goofy.

    Not everything needs to be dissected to it’s core….good lawd.

  • Things that were once part of black community seems to be everywhere in the mainstream now. I get shocked when I am watching QVC or the food channel and I hear them say things like “Off the chain” or “off the meat rack”. It’s just crazy.

    • cheeky

      Yeah, that was too silly, but at least they actually tried to rap and had something funny to say.

  • shadow

    That was too damn cute!!