I remember sitting on the porch with my grandmother when I was about 10 years old watching some neighborhood girls play with a group of boys. The kids were about 12-14 years old, and were getting touchy-feely with each other.

That was probably the first time I heard the term “fast tailed girls”. My grandmother warned me not to play with those girls because they were “fast tailed”.  In my 10 year-old mind, I didn’t have any intentions of ever playing with them only because I just thought they were the mean girls in the neighborhood.

Last week, the #fasttailedgirls trending topic emerged on Twitter. The hashtag was started by Mikki Kendall and Jamie Nesbitt Golden of @HoodFeminism  as a way to discuss the myths of hypersexuality and misogynoir, which is anti-Black misogyny,  facing young black girls and women.

Here are a few tweets that followed the hashtag:

@lnaturalchica: of course I want you to invade my personal space asking me “how wet it gets” at 15#FastTailedGirls

@lnaturalchica: the fact that men and even some women think there actions and/or words are justified based on someone’s waist to hip ratio #FastTailedGirls

@lnaturalchica: I can’t hold hands w some1 of the same sex b/c that means I want you to ask her & I ignorant questions about our sex life #FastTailedGirls

@Its_JustJessica: I’ve heard older women talk about the #FastTailedGirls. They too were the#FastTailedGirls, yet they handed us the mess. Where does it stop?

@leilaxhafiz: we’re told from day 1, in countless ways, that our breasts, our hips, our walks… are pure invitation #FastTailedGirls

@SaluteMeImAsh: Nothing like telling your mom her bf is touching you and getting blamed for it#FastTailedGirls

@SaluteMeImAsh: I remember telling my mom that her bf was touching me. She still claims she doesn’t remember. That shit went on for YEARS #FastTailedGirls

@blacknerdity#FastTailedGirls is why Thanksgiving & family gatherings are so damn hard. Having to break bread with perverts & pedophiles. :(

@NebetShar: My mother was 16, my dad was 23 and people thought it was normal. #FastTailedGirls

@whereis_emma: @ a youth retreat girls were told our outfit choices made men lust we were responsible for others sinning #FastTailedGirls

@GinUwinart: A very sad truth most young girls in foster care are automatically labeled as #FastTailedGirlswhen placed in Foster Homes.

@msbrandiebrown: [TW:Rape] After I was drugged and raped. “It sounded like you were having fun.”- “friend” that was at the same party. #fasttailedgirls

@bad_dominicana@rosefox those white women had the same #fasttailedgirls beliefs. that black girls are here for sexual service& experimentation.

@AshLuvsCash: Topics like #FastTailedGirls need to trend more often. Society turns a blind eye to black girls & women all the time but it needs to end.

Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for older women to use this term as advice to young girls as what not to be. But I can’ t remember anyone ever advising boys and what they should or shouldn’t do when it came to interacting with girls.

In order to be considered a “respectable” girl, there were always things you weren’t supposed to do. From your mannerisms to the way you dressed.  If you received attention from men or boys, it was always a finger being pointed at you for just being a girl.  And till this day, as evidence of the hashtag, it’s still going on.

Clutchettes, what were some of the things you were told about #fasttailedgirls growing up? Or even now as an adult, with similar terms still being thrown around, what’s the solution?

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