The Obama girls have pretty much grown up in front of America’s eyes. From the first day the Obama family stepped into the White House, Sasha and Malia were thrust into the public eye.

In a recent 20/20 interview, President Barack Obama and Michelle discussed just exactly what’s allowed and not allowed for their daughters. ¬†Facebook is one of them. Sasha, who’s only 12, isn’t allowed to take part in the social network craze.

“I still am not a big believer in Facebook for young people … particularly for them, because they’re in the public eye,” the first lady said. “Some of it’s stuff they don’t need to see and be a part of … So we try to protect them from too much of the public voice.”

But when it comes to high-school sophomore, Malia, the Obamas did admit that she is allowed to date, but didn’t divulge any information on a beau in her life.

When the president’s term comes to an end in 2017, the Obamas said Sasha will play a huge role in deciding where they’ll plant their feet next. Although Malia will be a college student, Sasha will still be in high-school, and that’ll play a big role in whether or not she wants to continue school in D.C or head back to Chicago.

“Sasha will have a big vote,” the president admitted, acknowledging that his family has “made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas, the running for office and things.”

In case you missed the interview, the clips are below.

Part 1

Part 2

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