mariagreggA group of people in Georgia really proved that the holidays are a time for giving. Maria Gregg and her 12 year old son live in Gwinnett, Ga., but recently Gregg was having a hard time making ends meet.  Gregg’s apartment was empty, and they were sleeping on the floor.  But one visit to the North Gwinnett Co-Operative Ministries changed her life.

North Gwinnett Co-Operative Ministries is a charity that gives food, clothing and medicine to people in need.  Gregg paid the organization a visit, just expecting to pick up a few food items, but got more instead.

 “I actually came down here a little nervous, Maria says. “When I walked through the doors, the volunteers made me feel extremely comfortable,” she added.

“When they took me home, they dropped the food off and then dropped me off to work. They saw that I could use some furniture” Maria explained. 

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The volunteers immediately told the charity’s executive director that something had to be done.

“One of the volunteers was my daughter who said ‘mom you have got to help this woman’ explains Maureen Kornowa, Executive Director of North Gwinnett Co-Operative Ministries. “I said are you kidding, it’s the week before Christmas.. I’ve got 500 families counting on me next week. Let me put out a Facebook post and see what happens. ” Kornowa added.  Kornowa added a post on Facebook without telling Gregg.

Within 48 hours, and with just a single post on Facebook, Gregg’s life had changed.

“People started donating. Strangers who knew nothing about me, my name, my past, my face.it didn’t matter” Gregg added.

Leaders with the cooperative say people stepped up and made donations to pay her rent through February. Furniture was purchased for her apartment. In addition, beds, a couch, a television, and game system for her son were located. Also, nearly $4,000 was raised toward the purchase of her car.

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