The Houston Police Department is responding to charges of racial profiling after handcuffing a teenage white girl and removing her from the care of two black men.

13-year-old Landry Thompson was traveling from Tulsa to Houston with her dance partner, 22-year-old Josiah Kelly, and her instructor, 29-year-old Emmanuel Hurd, to film a video.

Sunday, at 3 a.m., Houston police noticed the trio stopped at a gas station, handcuffed the two black guys and put them in patrol cars.

Officers took the young dancer to Child Protective Services even though she was right where her mother wanted her to be.

“They were convinced I was a runaway,” Landry said.

The police officers then called Landry’s parents in Oklahoma. Landry’s mother, Destiny Thompson, was shocked that there was an issue.

“’Are you aware your daughter is with two black men?’ When I said ‘Yes, I’m aware of that,’ he called into questioning our parenting,” the mother said.

“Emmanuel had a letter signed by us, had every contact number they could’ve possibly needed, he had her insurance card, he had her original birth certificate, not a copy,” the mother said.

In a statement, HPD said, “Given the age discrepancies…and the child had no relatives in the area, officers in an abundance of caution, did their utmost to ensure her safety” and sent her to CPS.

Landry’s family, Hurd and Kelly both believe this was a case of racial profiling and are upset that they were not released immediately after seeing the paperwork and speaking with the family.

Hurd said he and Kelly are considering legal action.

The instructor and dance partner ended up following Landry to a CPS facility on Chimney Rock.

When they were told to leave the reception area, the men waited in their car for about six hours outside the front door, until Landry was finally released around 11:30 a.m.


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  • Tara

    The mother is stupid. Letting her daughter go around with two grown ass men. I don’t care if they are pedophiles or not, I am not taking that chance with my daughter. And these two black imbeciles are clueless if they think that their 20something asses can walk around with some pretty little blond girl and nothing is going to be said about it. Then these retards actually had her out at 3am sleeping in a car…..just…. brilliant. Her mother is not a good mother.

    • Anthony

      She is not pretty. She looks like an average white girl her age. She is not ugly either, just average.

      I have nothing against this child, I just get tired of everyday whiteness being called beauty.

  • wesker

    So..these guys didn’t have a hotel reservation? They didn’t bother to find out where their hotel was? It was 3am…what where they doing out at that time? Mom didn’t ask her daughter to check in when they got to the hotel? They weren’t worried when they didn’t hear from her by 3am? Lotsa holes in this story. Police did the right thing in taking her to CPS until they could verfy that mom really was stupid enough to send her 13 year old daughter to Houston with 2 grown men

    • hookemhorns


  • hookemhorns

    Let’s put the racial aspect of this case aside.

    This child was found at 3 am, at a gas station, with two grown men, in another state.

    If I’m the police I do the same thing. Mother or father would have to come to Texas to take back custody. I don’t care about some letter that has mom’s contact info, and I don’t care that this grown man has her birth certificate and insurance card.

    And to the mom. How are you not at all suspicious after receiving a phone call from police in the 3am hour notifying you that they found your child at a gas station? Although you authorized your child to travel with these men, at 3am they need to be in a hotel room. Anywhere else and that should immediately be a red sign that somethin’ just ain’t right.

    And to the men. Y’all gone learn that you can still get into trouble behind these white girls.

  • Michael Bailey

    What type of danger was the teen in? If they was trying to do her harm why would they stop. Just goes go show you that JIM CROW is still alive and kicking……