Writer Terry McMillan is not delighted with the way Republicans are handling immigration reform.

In the course of a dialogue about her new e-book “Who Asked You?,” McMillan explained to HuffPost Live’s Nancy Redd that she’s disappointed with the way GOP leadership treats persons who want to occur to the United States.

“I think [Marco] Rubio’s an Uncle Tom anyway — and Ted Cruz,” McMillan claimed.

McMillan also added that she thinks Republicans are having a misguided stage by making laws that will make immigration more challenging while hoping to get around minority voters.

“They’re blowing it with the Dream Act. They’re blowing it,” she said. “The only reason they’re interested is because of those 12 million brown-skinned people, but they don’t want them to become citizens. ‘Let’s let it take 13 years for them to become citizens, but we want that vote.'”
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  • That would be a “Tio Tomas” to be exact, Terry.

  • The writing in this article was difficult to read. Maybe because it’s Wednesday. LOL.

  • Me

    are those quotes exact? i thought she was way more articulate than that. i can hardly make out that last paragraph

  • Nikkoli

    Actually it’s the exact thing she said…

    You can view it on Huffington Post by searching “terry-mcmillan-on-immigration–marco-rubio”

  • Anthony

    Rubio is Cuban, his people are not subject to immigration restrictions, so he is not letting down his bass.