That ugly sweater, the set of dishes from your mother, the perfume that smells like bacon, every once in a while a horrible gift is received during the holidays. But what can you actually do with the gifts you don’t want, and not look like an ungrateful heathen?

Sure the easiest way to get rid of a gift is just returning it to the store and exchanging it for something you actually want.  Just make sure you know the store, and their return policy. Most stores tend to relax their policies around the holidays, but that only lasts for a few weeks.  Also, if you don’t have the receipt and the item you’re returning now has a lower price, you’re not going to get the item’s full worth.

A fun way to get rid of unwanted gifts is to have a gift exchange party.  Have friends bring all of their unwanted gifts and exchange them with others. Chances are there’s someone who could use a snuggie.  If a party isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you can try your hands at e-commerce?

Craigslist, Amazon, eBay are a re-gifters dream. Post those gifts you don’t want and make a little money off of them. But beware of those people who want to lowball you, especially on Craigslist.

If neither of those ideas work for you, charity could be an option. Not only can you help those in need, but you’ll also get a tax break. Goodwill, Salvation Army and plenty of other organizations are always options.

Clutchettes, have you ever  had to re-gift a present?

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