Dr. Tameca Richardson probably had good intentions when giving advice about appropriate school attire to students, but it didn’t exactly go as she had planned.

Richardson, a support officer at  Jack Yates High School in Houston, Texas, addressed the female students at an assembly, pointing out that some of them were dressing like “hoes.”

According to MyFox Houston, some parents were split on the advice Richardson gave to the students.

” That was out of line and she should be disciplined for that,” said Cynthia King, mother of a Yates student.

“You don’t know what kind of home half of these girls are coming from or any of these kids are coming from for you to make a statement like that. You don’t know their living condition and you don’t know their parents financial state. That may be the only thing they have to wear. It’s inconsiderate,” added King.

But another parent felt that the students need to hear “frank” advice and that it shouldn’t be sugar coated.

“If the the young ladies were dressed in such a way that portrays the way ‘hoes on the street’ are dressed I think it was appropriate that the administrators bring it to their attention, telling them we have a dress code here and we don’t want you dressing like ‘hoes’ because it’s not appropriate,” said Mary Owens, mother of a Yates student.

The Houston Independent School did issue an apology on behalf of Dr. Richardson:

“HISD has been made aware of an all-girls assembly at Yates High School on Friday where students reported being offended by a female school administrator who was discussing appropriate school attire. Although the administrator had good intentions and was trying to instill pride and purpose in the students, her approach and tone were perhaps inappropriate and not approved by the district. The district apologizes to all Yates students who were offended and wants to assure families and community members this will not happen again”.

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Clutchettes, what do you think about Dr. Richardson’s advice?

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