Today, a shocking and detailed interview by the Village Voice’s Jessica Hopper with Jim DeRogatis, the journalist who’s covered the R. Kelly sex case for 15 years,  uncovers so much more that went on with the R. Kelly investigation.  The lenghthy article also includes court documents related to the 2002 child pornography charges brought up against Kelly, as well as DeRogatis’ original reporting on the crimes that were published in the Chicago Sun-Times in the early 2000’s. As a Chicago Sun-Times music critic, DeRogatis received a videotape in 2002, allegedly featuring R Kelly and a 14-year-old girl. He then turned the tape over to police,which led to the uncovering of  Kelly’s sexual abuse of countless young girls.

 Over the last 15 years, DeRogatis as spent an ample amount of time keeping track of the women (then girls) that R. Kelly was associated with. He has even went as far to lay out an outline of  R. Kelly’s life that included the illicit marriage between Kelly and Aaliyah, as well as each time new information from victims appeared in the Sun-Times. 

From The Village Voice:

There is a disregard for your ongoing concern about this. “Let this go, Jim. Get over it, Jim. He was acquitted.” You have never dropped this, and your peers are pissed because it puts the rest of us over a barrel. I can speak to this, too. It’s often uncool to be the person who gives a shit.

“You’re jealous of R. Kelly, you’re trying to make your name off his career.”

Because you would love nothing more than to have to report and carry these stories of rape.

Rapes, plural. It is on record. Rapes in the dozen. So stop hedging your words and when you tell me what a brilliant ode to pussy Black Panties is, then realize that the next sentence should say: “This, from a man who has committed numerous rapes.” The guy was a monster! Just say it! We do have a justice system and he was acquitted. OK, fine. And these other women took the civil-lawsuit route. He was tried on very narrow grounds. He was tried on a 29-minute, 36-second videotape. He was tried on trading child pornography. He was not tried for rape. He was acquitted of making child pornography. He’s never been tried in court for rape, but look at the statistics. The numbers of rapes that happened, the numbers of rapes that were reported, the numbers of rapes that make it to court and then the conviction rate. I mean, it comes down to something minuscule. He’s never had his day in court as a rapist. It’s 15 years in the past now, but this record exists. You have to make a choice, as a listener, if music matters to you as more than mere entertainment. And you and I have spent our entire lives with that conviction. This is not just entertainment, this is our lifeblood. This matters.

Read the entire interview at Sound Of The City.

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  • The Whole Truth

    The only people I’ve seen who actually vigorously defended R. Kelly when I had something negative to say about R. Kelly were black women. How then can you honestly question others?

    • Aria Wilson

      Key words: “The only people I’VE seen…”

      YOU have seen. That does not mean that is all there is. I have seen differently, and so have others.

      Your experience does not equate to THE ONLY experience. I have seen plenty of Black women disgusted at R Kelly and Black men basically high-five him.

      THAT is how “you can honestly question others”….b/c all Black women are not the same, and the main folks I HAVE SEEN “vigorously” defending this pedo are both men AND women of color….not just the women.

  • The Other Jess

    Even sadder than that is that so many Black men are the ones helping to make this true. I believe Black men’s public and vehement disdain for us has opened the flood gates on Black women. Pretty pathetic that American Black men have become hardly much different than the Klan – they continue to step on us to try to raise themselves up. Thumbs me down all day.

  • Tina

    I really appreciated seeing the Village Voice story as a visceral reminder of how sick this man is. It’s been so long since the wave of allegations that it’s good to get a refresher. Even though I couldn’t remember every detail of what he did, I was still suprised to see media reports of his recent awards show appearance with GaGa who has a persona of empowering the downtroden.

    I followed the trial at the time & thought it was a poor case because there was no chain of custody or authentication for the primary piece of evidence (the tape). I think sometimes prosecutors feel like they have to bring charges in high profile cases even when they know they don’t have proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Either I didn’t know or had forgotten over time, the depths of this man’s depravity. The Grio has a good article about how he flaunts how he likes young girls now with his album cover and his lyrics. I was shocked when I saw the cover & read some of his lyrics for the first time yesterday. I couldn’t believe he would be so blatant. Hopefully, that will be his downfall. Predators pick weak victims but technology is a lot better than it used to be and he will be caught because he’s sick & he probably hasn’t changed.

  • Megan44115

    I’ve been saying for years that the “black community” is toxic…

    1) 60% of black females are sexually abused by the age of 18
    2) the black community is more likely than any other minority group to blame a rape victim for her/his own rape
    3) For every white woman who reports her rape, there are 15 black women who don’t
    4) black females are three to four times more likely to be murdered by a black man than a white woman is by a white man
    5) combine all of this with a 70% out of wedlock birthrate where bastardization is no longer frowned upon and this is what we get…dysfunctional people like the ones who support Kelly.

    If Kelly’s victims (and these children are indeed victims) had been of a lighter hue, the community that these victims belonged to would have shut him down and put him under the jail. They wouldn’t blame his victims for HIS crimes. I remember very clearly around the time of his trial how black women were still supporting him in droves claiming “she knew was she was doing” or “these girls be fast’. Completely disgusting!