Picture-207Something really good is coming. I don’t know when, where or how good, but it’s coming. I might have to go through hell to get there, but on the other side will be something good. How do I know this? Because the power-tripping without the facts, ego bruising, dream crushing negative Nancys are out in full force! In the past I’ve dealt with these situations by going with my first gut reaction which is usually to curse people out, fight, quit and break some ish. But what I’ve learned over the years is, other than the fact that these tactics rarely get you anywhere, whenever these situations rear their ugly little heads my life is about to change and for the better.

The problem is I hate the waiting! I hate having to deal with the drama in order to get to the peace. I want my good now, I don’t want to fight, but then someone says “Good things come to those who wait” and I’m reminded to be patient. Being patient isn’t as easy as it sounds though, it’s hard work. Learning how to wait in hell when you can see the light just over the horizon can be a gut wrenching feeling and one that I’m still learning to deal with. I end up having to be patient with patience. But it’s hard. It’s hard to be patient when people with self-serving ill intentions and wishes are picking away and circling you like vultures, it’s hard to wait for your turn at bat, but it’s in these moments that your patience is truly tested and all you’ve tried to learn about the lost art must be put into practice.

I continue to learn and practice my patience. With patience I’m learning that what is for me will come in time. I’m learning that even if the negative Nancys of the world temporarily get the upper hand and I must sit in hell for a while, if I’m patient, I won’t be down for long and as usual I will come out of it better and further along in the game than I was before. I’m learning that it’s best to deal with the bad instead of react to it because patience is testing my readiness for the good just ahead. I’m learning that patience is a virtue. So when I get to the point where I feel like I can’t be patient not one second longer I take a deep breath, crank Kanye’s Can’t Tell Me Nothing and have a silent word with God:

“Hey, it’s me…but you knew that already. I’m running out of patience here and need a little help. People are really gunning for me, nitpicking and trying to drag me through the mud and bring me down, but they gonna learn today. You tell your fallen angel and all his minions on earth to bring it, both guns blazing! I won’t b%#ch slap anyone…promise. Because when it’s all said and done and the flames subside you’ll make sure I get what I deserve and that they do too. No need to fight, no need to quit, all I have to do…is be patient.”

How do you practice patience? Do you find it more difficult to be patient when faced with obstacles?

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