I love experimenting with my beauty looks. I love switching up my hairstyles, but I also love to play around with my makeup. I’m always trying new and daring products, which can be credited to my mother. It was further enhanced when I used to work at a national women’s magazine in NYC a few years ago and they had beauty sales every few months.It really was an occasion. I’d wake up, like, five hours earlier than I should, take public transportation to work with a suitcase filled withduffle bags inside, and sit and wait for the doors to open for shopping to commence, like Black Friday. Everything that was in that room was under $5.I would then have my sister, Sarah, pick me up with my car after work to help me to haul the new toys home. The beauty sale was a holiday in my household, especially with four women under one roof. My father and brother even got a few things out of it.From my experience working at that company, my love of makeup just kept on growing since I was able to purchase so many necessary, different and unique items for fractions of their usual price.

At the time, I loved the bright pinks I bought when I was there. When Nicki Minaj for MAC’s Pink Friday came out a few years later… ooooh, honey. Heaven! Not only was I wearing it on a night out in the city, I wore that bold and daring color to work, too. But that was then (circa 2007-2012) and that was as daring as I went.

Fast-foward to 2013 when, just a few months ago, images of Rihanna surfaced wearing blue lipstick. What in the what?! Blue?! I was determined to find a shade of blue that was right for my skin tone. I wanted to be on that RiRi lipstick train, not only wanting a blue hue but also various colors of the rainbow most people wouldn’t dare to think of wearing.

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Out of this selection, I have my favorites that I would only wear on a girls nights out. Others on date nights. Others in a professional setting, for sure.

But I didn’t want to just try them on myself: I also wanted to see how the colors looked on another black woman who has a different skin tone than mine. That is where my best friend Autumn came in because 1) sharing is caring and 2) it is more fun that way, duh!

KA’OIR in “Pool Party”

Lipstick Collection


Lipstick Collection $15.99

This shade, when applied, goes on really smoothly and didn’t need a primer or a gloss to enhance the color. I tried on so many different brands and shades of blue, and this one was the one that did not look cheap, and complemented both of our skin tones while adding a burst of light to our complexions.

Personally, I loved this sky blue shade because the color was vibrant but not overpowering. This is definitely something I would wear for a night out. Shoot, maybe this weekend!

Secret Kisses in “Sade”

SK Divas

Secret Kisses

SK Divas $14.99

I especially LOVE Sade on dark skin tones because I feel that any olive or brown person can wear this and not look clown-like, specifically since it is purple. It is funky and fun but not overbearing.

Also, this brand offers a few shades of purple, allowing women of any color to experiment so they can decide what shade suits them the best.

Secret Kisses in “Fresh”

Enticing and enchanting, this shade made me want to run back to the motherland or fast-forward to my vacation in two weeks.

We both achieved this look with two coats but you can choose to add a white primer pencil beforehand to bring this color even more to life. Want a more vampy look? Try a forest green lip shade instead.

Green with envy

MAC in “Morange”

This. Color. Took. Me. To. Church.

Intimacy Lip Pout Popper

Luminess Air

Intimacy Lip Pout Popper $19.99

No really, it did! Even at church, wearing this bright orange got a lot of compliments. While I opted not to use a primer under or a gloss over this shade, Autumn chose not to go the that route and used the Luminous Air Golden Sand Lip Gloss as a top coat, which helped enhanced the color even more.

Even if you choose not to add a gloss, it is creamy, well-pigmented and long-lasting.

Looking like preach!

Secret Kisses in “Sunshine”

Although a vivacious color, this wasn’t my favorite with the first application because our lips looked dry chapped for both of us. So we started again but this time used the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in #604 Milk as a primer for our lips so the color wouldn’t crease and look dried out.

We then applied a few coats of Sunshine over the white pencil to then add a topcoat of the Luminous Air Lip Gloss and we both saw a major difference. The color no longer appeared flaky, stood out more and really shined, just as it should.

Ka’oir in “Mistress”

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I have worn many bright pink lip shades from drugstore brands to luxury brands, and this is definitely on that list of ones to love. This color is true to what you see and pops with one swipe. I love how it can look sleek, sexy and sophisticated!


Ka’oir in Platinum

Not going to lie: the one I thought I would hate the most turned out to be my favorite-favorite. (Yes, two times my favorite.) Everything about this shade was YASSS, Gaga, YASSS! It just works. We only applied two coats, and this baby stood out and popped.

For a little bit more moisture, just a dab of lip-gloss will do, but not too much as to not overpower the shade itself. One thing to remember is be precise when applying this shade because you don’t want to look like you have been eating lead. So take your time, apply with caution, clean up any messes and then go out there and rock it out!

Shine bright like a diamond =)

So, what say you? Do you dare to wear any of these lip shades? Speak on it!


This post originally appeared on xoVain. Republished with permission. Click here for more  on xoVain!

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