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I don’t know about you, but I’m very much over the idea of paying an obscene amount of money to spend New Year’s Eve in a crowded club full of strangers drinking cheap champagne. It’s okay to do something else. You will not be infected with lameness for deciding to not be in a nightclub for the first second of the new year.

Here are a few low-cost suggestions:

Themed House Party/Sleepover
One of the biggest hassles about going out for New Year’s Eve is getting home. Remove that burden by throwing an intimate get-together with a few close friends. These are your friends, so no need to be fancy.  Make your event BYOB, provide some nibbles and have champagne glasses at the ready of course. You can all drink to your heart’s content because everybody is staying at your place for the night.  For added fun, make a theme for your soiree. Maybe it’s 90s Movie Night and everyone brings her favorite 90s movie. You know all those black rom-coms from the 90s always stir up a good conversation.  Get giggly with your girls for the night!

Creativity Immersion
I’ll be doing this one myself. The idea is to immerse yourself in creative pursuits. What better way to start the New Year than with a well-fed creative spirit? Maybe that means painting, drawing, making music, dancing or whatever gets you going. I’ll be making jewelry, trying new cookie recipes, practicing calligraphy and working on short stories while I listen to good music and sip good champagne.

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  • Marisa

    I didn’t start going out on New Years Eve until I was 21 which I did off and on til now my mid 30’s and even now I wasn’t about the holiday hustle these places got going on. One really has to do their research because paying 100 dollars for a club that week before and a week after is free or 20 dollars is a joke. If you must have a gathering do it at your or somebody crib I have done it for most of the holiday gatherings because, notice Halloween, July 4th has also become another holiday hustle. I have had gatherings with friends who somebody always has the hottest music on their laptop or IPAD and that person is resident DJ, decorations are easy to get just pop over to Deals, or whatever dollar store near you, and for food and drinks we do potluck, and everybody brings a bottle of booze,soda,water. My job was to handle the time honored tradition of doing making jello shots, and its a great time had by all. Or my every other year I just get my pajamas, bottle of whatever, takeout and ring in the New Year with my Twilight Zone Marathon, although this year I’m in a bind cuz there will be a Law and Order marathon too decisions lol.

  • Mel

    I didn’t know NYE in a club was a thing until I went to college. Same thing for kisses on NYE. I spent the stroke of midnight in church for the first 19 years of my life. After I stopped going to church I did house parties, concerts and one NYE at Disney World. It was crazy fun. I didn’t understand the appeal of going to the club before and I really don’t now at 25. Then again, I’ve never liked clubs so…

  • Ajaveen

    I agree with Marisa staying at home and or hosting an intimate NYE gathering is more memorable and fun.
    One year I stayed home and watched “Twilight Zone” with some cocktails and pizza:-)

  • I don’t think i’ve ever gone out for NYE. As far back as i can remember, NYE consisted of sitting in my house watching either Dick Clark’s New Yearsn Rocking Eve or a Honeymooners marathon or sitting in someone else’s house goofing off. Im totally ok with that. Why spend exorbitant amounts of money surrounded by strangers in a club that probably is $10 or less any other night?

  • The best New Years I have was going out with my ex first to the movies and then to a Chinese restaurant. Then watching the ball drop at his house. Until then I have mostly stayed at home and watch the Ball drop with my family doing nothing. I did spend New Year’s in church one time which was something different than the usual.