In a recent interview  New York’s WBLS 107.5, R. Kelly talked about an upcoming tour with Mary J. Blige.

“We’re working on the ‘Black Panties’ tour right now, but before we get into the ‘Black Panties’ tour, I’m going on tour with Mary J. Blige. We’re doing a ‘King and Queen’ tour.”

Although Blige has yet to comment on the tour, you’d think as a woman, she’d want to distance herself from someone with such a seedy and disgusting past.  But I guess money makes the world go around.

I guess as a middle-aged woman, Blige is safe in Kelly’s presence.

Clutchettes, what do you think about Mary J Blige touring with R. Kelly? 

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  • Mr. Man

    How long should are we to stay mad at Kelly? WE cant answer that question because its an individual thing. I can only answer for myself not you. Personally I forgot about this whole R. Kelly thing until his album come out and was immediately reminded of his known past and thus disgusted by his current record title. Based on his past and how its very fluid with his current offerings (current cd), and the fact that currently there is absolutely no vaild and reasonable proof that his pedo ways has actually ended that I know of, I want nothing to do with his products past or present. Regarding Mary’s decision to work with this dude, its her business, and remember its the industry, its all about money. Celebs are motivated by anything that supports their fame and money. Only a complete fool look at celebs as examples when it comes to moral standards. They are the cotton candy of our society. Here one moment gone the next.

  • Marisa

    I also am wondering how R.Kelly considering what we know of his exploits could continue to basically play into them at this stage of his life and career. Lets see playing a woman as an instrument BAD IDEA, also for the dumb broad that agreed to allow herself to be played as an instrument. Then this name of the album Black Panties really one would think for his own and for the sake of his growing children that he turn the raunchy down. Things like that is what constantly draws people back to the stuff your trying to outrun but, hey since R.Kelly wants to continue with the sleaze hey then do as but, know folks are going to bring up your shit.

  • jerzgyrl66

    I cant believe anyone can defend this man!

    I listened to snippets of his Black Panties(which is for adults) on itunes & nothing has changed,he’s still as raunchy as ever, !
    You’d think he’d say to himself he’s too old now to make music w/those lyrics now

    This leads me to believe he’s still prowling around/preying on pre-pubescent girls or at the very least 16,17 yr olds !

    I can’t support MJB any longer!

  • thetruth

    Any grown adult who looks up to celebrities as a standard of morality is a moron.

  • Ashley

    I mean…I still remember the crispy chicken wrap commercial so her decision-making doesn’t surprise me. lol jk sorta