Meagan Good has practically grown up in front of the camera. Outside of being known for her acting skills, Good has always pushed the envelope when it comes to her choice in fashion.

Now the wife of a minister, Good says, she still plans on keeping her “sexy” and people will just have to deal with it.  In a recent interview with Wendy Williams Good discusses her cleavage and Christianity:

It’s an interesting thing because unfortunately a lot of the backlash comes from the Christian community. There isn’t any me or them, there’s just us, since we’re all a part of the Christian community. At the end of the day, I think, for me, I grew up in this business, I’ve been walking the red carpet since i was 13.  What I may view as appropriate or ok, someone else may feel differently and that’s ok.

Basically, Good doesn’t plan on covering her cleavage with a prayer cloth, so those people with issues can look the other way.

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  • BeanBean

    Too much boob, even if she wasn’t a pastor’s wife. But hey, like they say, no publicity is bad publicity. Meagan is in a major ‘mainstream’ film, she’s getting to do interviews, so I’m sure she’s trying to get ‘talked about’ as much as humanly possible right now.

  • Kazuki

    now why is this listed under Christianity? Meagan Goods Cleavage doesn’t seem like a religious problem

  • Great Role Model

    As long as her husband likes it and is ok with it it’s no one else’s business.