A black female entrepreneur has pushed your underwear drawer, shoebox, and plastic bin out of style. The MUA Box, a pleasure products organizer, is Kickstarter’s first ever adult product campaign. And it all started with Lidia Bonilla, having her personal organizer discover her bright orange dildo.

“The design really emerged out of looking at people’s behavior,” Bonilla, the founder of the MUA Box, explained, “So we did market research on what sex toys people use, what do they do with them afterwards, who they use them with. One of the most surprising things we found is that people use them just as much with their partners as they do by themselves. So because of that level of intimacy with another partner, we thought, well we don’t want to just make it a box, because we want people to be able to take it to their partner’s house, to a hotel, on vacation, wherever.”

The MUA Box is chicly designed as a lacquered wooden box with a removable water and lubricant-resistant case, which is great for travel. A great gift to yourself or your girlfriends, it comes with a lock and even has a small slit in the back for charging toys.

The pictures easily look like the MUA Box came out of an IKEA catalogue, implying that it could camouflage as a jewelry box amongst your home décor. The Kickstarter campaign also has funny video spoofs of parents having their kids find their sex toys or nosy neighbors making the discovery.

Breaking ground in the home décor and sex toy industries, it’s exciting to see a black woman behind this project. With single women, single men, and couples struggling with where to hide their sex toys, condoms, and other intimate items, the MUA Box is a timely solution to an ongoing privacy issue.



Click here for videos, pictures, and more information about the MUA Box. #backthebox

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