My number one pet peeve when it comes to dating is lateness. I’m not the person who’s always on time, I’m always early, and this comes into play in all aspects of my life. If I ask for someone to meet me somewhere at a certain time, and I’m left sitting there for more than 30 minutes, my patience grows shorter and shorter. I typically give a 15 minute window, because I realize things may happen. If they do happen, it’s not too much to ask for a warning. A simple phone call or text will suffice.

To me constant lateness is a sign of a lack of respect for another person’s time. There was only one time where lateness played a huge role in whether or not I would deal with someone. I can’t remember how many times I was left sitting at a restaurant or waiting to be picked up, sometimes 30 minutes or longer. This person truly had no sense of time but would always make reservations or promise to be somewhere at a specific time. I used to joke and ask how did he function throughout life and did he ever show up on time to anything? Unfortunately the answer was always no.

After a few dates, I knew that this would be an issue and he didn’t seem like he was interested in changing it. He always said that people would just put up with it. Not I. I think his main issue was just that. Other people didn’t call him out about his misuse of their time. Well that was until he met me.

That pet peeve was a deal breaker. A huge deal breaker for me.

Pet peeves work both ways. Plenty of men have their own for women. I have several guy friends that have broken up with women because of things like: biting nails, hygiene, not keeping a clean house and being high maintenance. I don’t fault people for having pet peeves. One person’s pet peeve may be a quality accepted by another person. It’s all relative.

But when do you let a pet peeve slide? When does it become a deal breaker? With me, a deal breaker is always one that can affect my quality of life. Constantly being late and not keeping track of time can affect a person’s day. Who knows what other plans you’d have to rearrange because of someone else’s lateness. My smoking pet peeve is another deal breaker. Keep your second hand smoke to yourself. If you’re constantly lighting up Newports, we could never get along. But on the other hand, if you occasionally indulge in hookah, I’m able to let that slide.

When I see early signs of potential pet peeve issues, I have no problem in bringing up the subject and discussing them. It’s always good to get things out in the open early. Some people may be receptive to the issue, some may not. Only you can decide what you’re willing to deal with.

What are some of your pet peeves? Which ones are deal breakers? Which ones do you let slide?

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