I’m just going to put his out there: I did not like the Best Man Holiday. There, I said it. Somehow it managed to be predictable and have outrageously unbelievable scenarios too.  Lance (Morris Chestnut) in particular did some pretty ridiculous things. If you saw the movie, two scenes should immediately come to mind.  No spoilers here, so I’ll just leave it at that.

I can appreciate a fun little rom-com (even mediocre ones) and I love the fact that a rom-com starring black people did so well at the box office. Romantic comedies of various quality levels, starring white people, have been topping box office charts for years. Kudos to Malcolm Lee and the entire cast on creating a commercially successful film.  I saw it about a week after it came out, so my social media feeds were filled with positive comments about the movie.  I never read reviews before I see a film, but I couldn’t escape the unadulterated praise of Best Man Holiday that took over my timelines.  Writer friends, people from high school, relatives—everybody loved this movie and swore up and down that the movie was laugh out loud funny and a tearjerker.

Everyone lied to me.

The Best Man Holiday was mediocre at best and that’s fine. It was kind of cute and there was definitely a nostalgia factor. It was nice to see all of those beloved characters together again. And like I said, I can appreciate a goofy rom-com and I understand that you have to suspend disbelief with these kinds of movies when they toss in the super dramatic scenarios.  I get it. Some rom-coms serve up all of those things nicely, the Best Man Holiday just didn’t do it for me.

I left the theater shocked that so many of my friends loved that movie.  It’s like we saw different films. I still love the original Best Man. I have that on DVD.  When the third one comes out (and there will be a third one) I’ll still go to the theater to see it, but I’ll just know to keep my expectations a tad lower.

What popular movies do you hate and why?

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  • MimiLuvs

    Let’s see…

    (On my list, there are a few sitcoms as well)

    -The Wire
    Yeah, yeah, I know. “BBBBOOOOO” to me. I tried watching this series plenty of times but I didn’t find it appealing. However, I did enjoy the mini-series “The Corner”.
    -New Jack City
    I had saw this movie during its “opening weekend”. I hated the movie then and nothinng’s change.
    -Any romantic-comedies that involves the “ugly duckling” landing the “gorgeous, sexy hearthrob” after going through a huge makeover (courtesy of the gay male best friend/”quirky” but fashionable best friend) and then declaring that “true beauty shines”.
    -Any ridiculous rom-com that involves pregnancy, parenthood and a man-child that is expecting.
    -Sex & The City (both the series and the two movies)
    I was more disturbed with the fact that I knew children who were watching that show… The HBO editions.
    -Sparkle (the remake)
    Sorry, Whitney.
    -Any Given Sunday
    I usually enjoy watching football-themed movies, but this one…ugh! I blame Cameron Diaz.
    -This Is It.
    No comment

    • Marisa

      -Any romantic-comedies that involves the “ugly duckling” landing the “gorgeous, sexy hearthrob” after going through a huge makeover (courtesy of the gay male best friend/”quirky” but fashionable best friend) and then declaring that “true beauty shines”.

      I just want to say THANK and YOU MimiLuvs like how the hell is true beauty in the equation at all, when one has to do basically do a HDTV Home Renovation on themselves to get said hot dude lol.

  • Missie

    I have to agree with the majority of what has been listed. The one movie that I did not like was Soul Food. There were parts that were okay but the entire movie as a whole will always be a no for me.

  • LaDonna

    Yeah, word geena. Baby boy makes me cringe – like physically cringe.

    • Ooh La La

      YESSSSSS. Hate that movie. Something so “we need to do better” about it.

  • pera

    To me Austin Powers is soooooooooooooo bad,

  • Mama Sunshine

    For some reason, I’m not interested in Best Man II. I liked #1 but #2 doesn’t attract me.

    What I hate,

    Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man. (I don’t like Steve Harvey so the movie never stood a chance with me)

    Pirates of the Caribbean – all of them (I want to like them all so badly because I love Johnny Depp but the ‘Caribbeans put me to sleep every time I try to watch any of them)

    Harry Potter – all of them (too much hype surrounding these movies and again, like the ‘Caribbeans, they put me to sleep)

    Kevin Hart’s Let Me Explain (Wasn’t funny. I think I laughed twice, if that.)

    Why Did I get Married, II (The first one was palatable but this second was terrible. What happened to Janet’s character?)