This photo will probably go down in history as the most famous “selfie” of all time.  It has been scrutinized, analyzed and talked about the moment it hit the internet.  But the photographer responsible for the series of photos says it’s much ado about nothing.

AFP photographer Roberto Schmidt was responsible for capturing the moment President Obama posed for a selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt (second from left) and British PM David Cameron.  Schmidt is insisting Michelle Obama wasn’t upset over anything.

“Photos can lie,” Roberto Schmidt wrote in a blog post “The story behind ‘that selfie.’”

Schmidt says the First Lady herself had been joking and laughing with other dignitaries seated around her just moments before Obama’s selfie scandal.

“Her stern look was captured by chance,” he added.

Schmidt was also shocked how much attention the photos generated.

“I took these photos totally spontaneously, without thinking about what impact they might have. At the time, I thought the world leaders were simply acting like human beings, like me and you,” he wrote.


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  • Suuzie

    I wish somebody would put wendy williams in check because she loves to belittle black celebrities. I don’t know why black celebrities go on her show. I have been watching her show lately to see what she has to say about kanye kardashian and family. Not a word, except when she wants to low rate lamar odom. I think the kardashians got her scared. All the stupid things kanye has said lately, not a peek out of wendy, but the first chance she gets to put Obama and Michelle in a bad light she jumps on it for her friends at the fox network.

    • Wendy kisses the Kardashians behind. The only bad thing she said that I can remember is claiming that Kanye would not marry Kim. And then she actually apologized on-air to Kim when it was announced that they were engaged. But you know she won’t apologize to the Obamas for lying about these pictures and implying that their marriage is in trouble. I mean, she was really trying it and went so far as to imply the President’s cheating on Michelle. And her white audience ate it up.

      She’s very jealous of black women who have it going on, especially if they have a husband. She was all cool with Kerry Washington until Kerry got married and then she said Kerry was slumming because she married a typical BM with a baby out of wedlock. And of course, her audience ate it up.

      The thing with Wendy is, she thinks she’s white. She was that insecure black girl who grew up in these white suburbs in the 60s and 70s, hating herself and wishing she was a white girl. In Wendy’s heart, she thinks she’s some 49 year old Jewish or Italian woman. She’s even said she feels like she has more in common with the Real Housewives of NJ instead of the RHOA. She’ll call Nene and all the other black women on RHOA ghetto and hoodrat in a minute but won’t say a thing about all the ratchet stuff that happens on the RHONJ.

      The fact of the matter is, Wendy is very much anti-black. So I’m not surprised she’s pushing these lies about the First Couple when there are pictures all over the internet showing the true story.

    • Tara

      @Kelly Johnson

      And her white audience ate it up

      Yep. And that is why she is going to become very successful. She is a nonthreatening Amazon and they don’t have to worry about their men fantasizing about her. But more importantly, she throws other black women under the bus. That is why those white women loved Oprah so much. Did you see how she put that pretty, rich, Toni Braxton in her place in front of the white women in her audience?

  • Minister Schmidt as beautiful more than once, while never using that adjective for Michele Obama. (I thought she really looked stunning in a picture that showed her relaxing in a pair of jeans on Air Force One on the way back after the service.)
    The same thing happend yesterday when I was watching “Inside Edition”. They referred to the lady who was taking the picture with Obama as a beautiful blonde but never said anything about Michelle. It’s funny to me because the lady isn’t that great of a looker. I mean she looks her age in the face so I know they are trying to play on stereotype and make something there that isn’t.

    • Anthony

      The main idea is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. White folks tend to call every slim blond woman beautiful while most of them simply look like average white women to me. I’ve got no problem with saying a blond woman is pretty, but the media acts like every fair haired white woman is Scarlett Johansen.

      The flip side of calling every white woman beautiful is to scrupulously avoid complimenting black women, especially black women is positions of influence and power. Just think of all the ugly things that have been said about Michele Obama. She is tall, athletic, well built, and graceful. More importantly, she is so very intelligent and classy. She represents the country well, President Obama could not have done better in picking a wife.

    • Brad

      I have actually heard a woman one occasion say that she was unattractive. I was like where is Michelle Obama anything but flat out gorgeous.

      Although my mother does think she dresses to informal and trendy to be the first lady. I had someone explain to me that for some older black woman, Michelle is held by the same kind of standards as the “First lady” of the church.

      They expect them to dress formal and conservative at all times. Just kills her to see her in sleeveless shirts and heaven forbid short paints. ;-)

    • Tara

      White people but more importantly, white women are behind this media engineering. It is meant to play with the heads of black women. Wendy Williams bothered me to no end by even mentioning it on her show. She said that the woman was cute with dimples. Talked about how Obama was biting his lip and called Michelle an angry black woman. This is really sad. Then that WWYD episode of the white girl in the barber shop. I am offended that that episode was ever done. The strategy is to put black women on the offensive…..or defensive. What I mean is making it so that they attack you and stereotyping you at the gate so that you constantly have to prove that you are not like that. It actually weakens you. That is why somebody (black women) should have made a bigger stink about this. I have had to really think about how I am going to handle that. This is the new strategy geared toward black women and if you are not ready for it, it aint gonna be pretty. This is the strategy that they have used on white men and it has worked beautifully. It is the reason why white women have gained so much power. They have villianized the white man. And in many ways it has made him weak and them stronger. Now they are working on the black woman. Don’t let them do it to you. I already know how I am going to deal with it.

  • MommieDearest

    My concern is that the President, along with other grown folks who should know better, was clowning around and taking selfies at a funeral. At MANDELLA’S funeral. I find that to be very disrespectful.

    I don’t know if Mrs. Obama was upset or not, but if she was I would understand. I would give them the side-eye too.

  • Keepingitreal

    Yes, I also believe there are conservatives out there who are trying to push the “angry black woman” stereotype and will cherry pick photos to push their agenda. It’s another example of the disrespect shown to the Obamas.

  • Suspicous of Media

    As I was watching the Nelson Mandela memorial, I couldn’t help but think of how much The President and First Lady are loved and respected in South Africa. I have watched other footage of their visits in other African countries, and I see the same thing. Overwhelming love and respect. Michelle Obama is just adored all over. Her image is held in such high esteem all over. I am often in awe at how beautifully people speak of her in so many different countries. But here in the U.S., where she was born, raised, educated, and married the man who leads this nation, she has to be denigrated in American media. The media literally had create a negative story out of something so incredibly special as that memorial. It was the biggest in modern history. The U.S. is a truly sick place, and the media is a symptom of that sickness. I don’t trust American media at all. Actaully, I don’t know how any Black person in U.S. could, but I can’t speak for anyone else. I can only speak for myself. American media+ Black people = LIES WILL BE TOLD.