Someone in R. Kelly’s camp thought it was a good idea to have the pedo singer participate in an #AskRKelly question and answer session on Twitter.


Needless to say, there less questions about his music and more about his pedophilia.





Out of the tons of questions asked, here are a few actual answers:

• “Real Talk” is a true story — the same one that inspired “When a Women’s Fed Up.” (Maybe it should have been named when a pre-teen’s fed up?)
• He wants to work with Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Sevyn Streeter (Just stay away from Ariana Grande)
• His favorite Christmas present was a racecar set he recieved when he was 9 (He probably meant he gave a 9 year old a racecar)
• He prefers black panties to no panties: “it’s the thrill of moving them over or pulling them down” (or underoos)
• His favorite collaborations so far have been with “Ronald Isley, MJ, 2Chainz, Kelly Rowland, Jeezy, Amigos, Juicy J, Fat Joe, Gaga, Future, Usher, Whitney” (See, Gaga isn’t the only one who was able to see past his issues..side eyeing all of them)
• He prefers thin crust cheese and sausage pizzas, but “will smash” deep dishes as well. (Never say what you’ll smash, ever…again)

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    I can’t believe no one asked “Which middle school is your favorite place to find a new girlfriend?”, “Do you consider girls over 18, elderly?”, “When you see girls between the ages of 10 to 17, do you think of them, as potty chairs or toilets?”.