Oh, ratchet neo-soul? This ought to be good!

TV One just announced they’re out with the old and in with two new singing divas for R&B Divas L.A.   Chrisette Michelle and Leela James are the show’s newest members, according to a press release from D’Angela Proctor, Senior Vice President of Programming and Production for TV One:

“The debut season of R&B Divas LA set the tone as a series all about glamour and high-stakes drama. As we gear up to shoot season two, we anticipate that the addition of two lovely and respected solo artists, Chrisette and Leela, will build upon the impassioned, ever-evolving group dynamic that season one viewers embraced.”

The two additions will replace Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson.

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  • Marketing people. Chrisette has a new began book coming out and a jewelry line she been selling on the road. This is a way to teach more people.

  • geenababe

    I believe this is a downgrade for Ms. Michele. I either have good or no opinion about these two so I hope this show won’t change my opinion to bad. This two didn’t strike me as two that would like to be on a reality show so I wonder what changed their mind. Also I wonder who the two that is leaving , I know Dawn is gone but is K. Price leaving too? I was hoping Lil Mo would go.

    sorry if this post twice , interent is beyond slow

  • geenababe

    Ok should have read the article I see who they replaced.

  • This is interesting. I wonder what type of chemistry there will be with the new cast. Hmmmmmm. I enjoyed Chante Moore last season. I hope drama is kept to a minimum and we can see some sanging and creative processes and what not.

  • lw

    I am a bit shocked that Chrisette would sign on for this. It seems better suited for those who are trying to make a comeback of sorts. I think Chrisette has one of the BEST voices in the industry right now, and she is a beast live.
    I guess it makes sense, though. I was at her show recently and a guy behind me was going OFF because when he bought the ticket he thought he was seeing K-Michelle instead of Chrisette. He actually stormed out before hearing a full song. So reality show influence is real…and kinda sad.