This is a travesty. Netflix is doing a massive purge of its streaming movies on January 1 and some of your favorites are among the casualties. Here’s a partial list of the movies that will no longer be available for streaming on Netflix starting 2014:

1.     Do the Right Thing

2.     I’m Gonna Get You Sucka

3.     Foxy Brown

4.     Half Baked

5.     Requiem for a Dream

6.     Titanic

7.     Flashdance

8.     Scary Movie

9.     Platoon

10. Top Gun

Read the entire list on Shadow and Act.  There are some good movies on there that you will not be able to stream in just a few days. Now that I look at this list of 10 I posted, three of them star Wayans brothers. Is Netflix secretly purging its inventory of the Wayans family? I kid, I kid.

What movies from the Netflix purge list will you be sure to catch before they’re gone?

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  • Mr. man

    Yeah I sorta figured that since their financial arm have limits when it comes to what the studios ask for the rights of these shows. Thats all well documented, but dang give us one of them to stream.

  • @Steppa

    Craze or not still not into it.

  • Deb

    This is not a “travesty” because this happens every new year when licenses typically run out. It’s how it works with streaming services. Someone just decided to do the work and compile a list which went viral and everyone is suddenly freaking out.

  • Chelle

    I could care less. Netflix is a waste of money if you ask me. They don’t have many good movies anyway.

  • I love Netflix and I will never be able to watch even half of the movies there but I am trying. If I knew Foxy Brown is on this list I would have rewatched it. That movie had a great impact on Tarantino.