Samsung has been accused of sexism after running a competition which celebrates women’s achievements.

But it’s not the celebration of achievements that’s rubbed some people the wrong way. It’s the prize.

What woman wouldn’t want a brand spanking new kitchen?

The Woman of Steel competition was highlighted by Everyday Sexism and what followed was “outrage” on Twitter. Well about enough outrage you can muster from banging on your keyboard.

The competition that was posted on Samsung Home Appliances USA Facebook page, stated:

We’ve found some of the most magnificent women out there. Women whose superhuman strengths make them inspirational role models, and whose quick speed and heightened tastes make entertaining look easy

The photo used shows a white woman clutching a cup of tea in a shiny kitchen. Samsung made of course.

The winner, voted for by the public, will receive her own “brand new” Samsung kitchen and an honorary dinner party for eight prepared by a local chef.

Well, at least she’s not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Right?

Anywho, several Twitter users took to the site to complain about the company’s portrayal of women.

Carly Williams tweeted: “The definition of a woman of steel is that she makes ‘entertaining look easy’???? Seriously @samsung ????? #EverydaySexism”

Lucy Sherriff tweeted: “She’s posing in her immaculate kitchen. SUCH A ROLE MODEL.”

Valeska Matziol added: “AND you’ll also get dinner cooked for you cos FOR ONCE you shouldn’t have to… *pukes*.”

A new Samsung fridge would be nice, though.

Clutchettes, do you think the Samsung prize is sexist?

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