Samsung has been accused of sexism after running a competition which celebrates women’s achievements.

But it’s not the celebration of achievements that’s rubbed some people the wrong way. It’s the prize.

What woman wouldn’t want a brand spanking new kitchen?

The Woman of Steel competition was highlighted by Everyday Sexism and what followed was “outrage” on Twitter. Well about enough outrage you can muster from banging on your keyboard.

The competition that was posted on Samsung Home Appliances USA Facebook page, stated:

We’ve found some of the most magnificent women out there. Women whose superhuman strengths make them inspirational role models, and whose quick speed and heightened tastes make entertaining look easy

The photo used shows a white woman clutching a cup of tea in a shiny kitchen. Samsung made of course.

The winner, voted for by the public, will receive her own “brand new” Samsung kitchen and an honorary dinner party for eight prepared by a local chef.

Well, at least she’s not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? Right?

Anywho, several Twitter users took to the site to complain about the company’s portrayal of women.

Carly Williams tweeted: “The definition of a woman of steel is that she makes ‘entertaining look easy’???? Seriously @samsung ????? #EverydaySexism”

Lucy Sherriff tweeted: “She’s posing in her immaculate kitchen. SUCH A ROLE MODEL.”

Valeska Matziol added: “AND you’ll also get dinner cooked for you cos FOR ONCE you shouldn’t have to… *pukes*.”

A new Samsung fridge would be nice, though.

Clutchettes, do you think the Samsung prize is sexist?

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  • Treece

    Don’t enter the competition if you don’t want the prize.

    Seriously…what PERSON wouldn’t want a spanking brand new, top of the line kitchen? And a dinner for eight prepared by a top chef in your area that you don’t, nor any of your friends or family members, have to pay for? Pshh….

    Dear feminist lunatics, please take several seats in the back while a woman with sense enjoys her newly renovated kitchen and five star dinner party. Thank you.

  • Autumn Jones

    It’s like they have to purposely go out of their way to find something to be outraged about. I think there’s a hidden quota that we don’t know about. This ish is getting ridiculous.

  • LemonNLime

    Thank you for the reminder as to why I refuse to be called a “feminist”. I bet you this is white women complaining about this nonsense. I swear, they stay looking for ANYTHING to yell “sexism” about. Sure, they could take up real issues but instead they complain about stoves…

    I would LOVE to have a chef grade kitchen and since I like cooking and eating, sign me up for dinner cooked by a chef anytime.

  • SMH

    I love my kitchen!!! The horror. When I was house shopping the kitchen was the make or break decision in whether we bought the house or not.
    Samsung makes home applicances, they are giving away a kitchen remake using their appliances. Brand marketing. Women like kitchens and kitchen appliances more than man so the company is marketing to its base, big whoop.

    Now if those offended are content with their kitchens equipped with microwave, hot plate, card table and church basement folding chairs masquerading as a dinner table by all means, go for it. Some of us have no problem with liking “women folk” things like granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, fancy cabinetry, and hardwood floors. Not liking to cook, or microwave meals, or being served your dinner by a male waiter every day doesn’t make you a feminist any more than cooking gourmet meals in a nicely designed kitchen for her family automatically makes a woman subjugated by society’s gender roles.

    • LemonNLime

      “hot plate, card table and church basement folding chairs masquerading as a dinner table”

      Not church basement folding chairs and a card table!! LOL

  • I call myself a feminist and i would love love a new kitchen. My feminist ass loves making my man dinner. To ppl who say: i dont call myself a feminist because they get angry over stupid shit, it is like saying you would stop calling yourself black because of black criminals.”
    To be feminist isnt to be anti man, just like being pro-black doesnt mean you are anti-white.