We all do it.  Sit at home or at our desks, dreaming about the far off places we can go and ogling jealously at pics of our favorite celebs frolicking in exotic locations across the globe.  Yet for many people of color those fantasies remain just that…fantasies.  Compared to our “majority” counterparts, people of color travel less, less often and often revolve travels around the usual locations such as Miami, Vegas, ATL or the Caribbean.  Not that anything is wrong with these destinations, but for most people of color places like Thailand, Greece or Tokyo give the appearance of being beyond their reach.

Of course there are factors like finances and time that contribute to our lack (or perceived lack) of interest in travel.  But is that the only reason?  We manage to buy Jordans and designer labels en masse spending billions in consumer dollars each year, yet many of us don’t even own passports.  Is this because travel isn’t marketed to people of color?  Are we not raised and socialized to want to travel in our communities?  Are we not educated enough as a whole to understand the importance of travel so only those of us with degrees seek it out?  Are we traveling but no one is paying attention? Or are we simply not interested in travel as a priority?

And most importantly what role does minority specific media such as Essence, Ebony, BET, etc play in our desires to travel?  There is a noticeable lack of travel coverage in these mediums and if our own publications aren’t interested, could this be subconsciously passed on to us?

What are your thoughts Clutchettes…speak on it!

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  • Eva Wood

    I am so glad this topic is being discussed. I love to travel other countries but find it very difficult to get my friends to go. It is not the finances but they are afraid that something could happen to them or that they are not going to like the food or other ridiculous ideas. These are college educated people I am talking about.

  • I wish more black folks would take the leap and travel abroad! I’ve been to 66 countries on 6 countries and have been extolling the virtues of international travel for years on my blog!

    • UgoBabeeeee

      blog info please :)

  • simplyme

    I’m curious as to how we know that people of color are less likely to travel… I expected to see a survey or stats or something…. anecdotal experiences, stereotypes, and assumptions don’t make something true. Its true that people with less finances are less likely to travel, but I have never heard of “people of color” inherently being less likely to travel. In fact, I’d hypothesize that after controlling for disposable income, people of color are more likely to travel.

  • My new husband and I decided to quit our jobs and travel abroad indefinitely instead of honeymooning. We’ve been traveling for six months now and have visited eight countries. I document it on my website, twitter and instagram. I have been looking to link up with other black travelers doing similar blogs. Please let me know of any you know of..