Nothing is off limits when it comes to Spirit Airline’s and their advertising.   Although they don’t have the best reputation when it comes to their travel accommodations, the ads are always “ripped from the headlines”.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the company decided to take a jab at Obama’s “selfie-gate”.


They even threw in an “I love Denmark” button.

Of course Twitter went in on the company’s ad:



But never forget what they did for Toronto’s mayor:








Clutchettes, what do you think about the ad?

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  • One word….tacky. All this from misinformation.

  • And yet black folks went right along with this “selfie-gate” nonsense when all it was a total lie designed to mock and put down black women.

    • My Name is My Name

      I didn’t go right along with anything.

  • Dee D

    What is this? I thought the “selfie gate” was in response to Obama taking a pic at a funeral which many thought was uncouth, not him taking a pic with another woman, who I might add was in the pic with her husband.

    • Anthony

      That was the British prime minister in the picture with the woman (Danish prime minister) and President Obama.

  • secure black woman

    Of course the angry woman in the ad is the black woman. I am done.

  • Me

    i don’t think there’s a company in the world i hate more than spirit. if there is, they living large off the fact that spirit always makes me forget which company that is.

    oh and p.s. these ads are just lame, but that ain’t why i hate spirit.