Apparently people are still concerned with asking Suge Knight questions. None of which ever include, “Did you have Tupac killed?”.

In a recent run-in with TMZ, the former Death Row Records co-founder/CEO said it’s ok to call him “n*gga*, depending on the circumstances.

“Do you ever give anybody the pass to say the N-word?” the TMZ cameraman asked.

“You know,” Knight answered, “it depends on how you say ‘n—a’ and what you doing with it. When you really look at it, a lot of people say ‘the N-word’ and a lot of people use it as a situation they’re scared to say something about it. A lot of times people say ‘the N-word,’ right? I like that better than ‘African-American,’ we not from Africa, we Black.”

Suge then went on to point out how people in African countries define themselves, “Even Africans don’t call each other ‘African.’ If they from Kenya, they say, ‘I’m Kenyan.'”

“But at the same time,” he said, “if you take football athletes, if you take athletes, people make a big deal about [inaudible] using ‘n—-r,’ but at the same time if you’re a rapper you can use it. Eminem is a white boy, he did a song saying ‘all black women is n—-r b—–s and they gold diggers.’ So if you can do a song like that, and you got guys scared to say something about it, don’t say something now … if you’re going to be one way, be one way with everybody or be one way with nobody.”

“If somebody use the word ‘n—a’ and they hang around n—-s and they use the word ‘n—a’ that’s one thing, but I still don’t feel certain people can say it to me.”

So TMZ took it upon themselves to poll readers.   TMZ wrote, “At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point. So we gotta ask.”

 As of 3:15 p.m here are the poll results, when asked…?

But asked what exactly.

I’m going to assume white people are stating that they would rather  refer to black people as n*gga. Especially since TMZ didn’t specifically ask, “What do you as a black person prefer to be called?”.


Fuck it, it’s TMZ. What do you expect?

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