Suzette Henderson is a mother of a 9th grader at Hough High School in Charlotte, North Carolina and is quite upset with a gym teacher’s comments about her son’s skin color.

Last month, according to Henderson, her son’s gym teacher, Meghan Beltz, made an off the cuff remark about skin color and cancer. The incident wasn’t brought up until a meeting between her son, an administrator and the teacher.

“That’s when the PE teacher, Miss Beltz, spoke up and said, ‘Yeah, we were having a discussion in class about different types of cancer and being in the sun and I told Daron dark as he is if he stays in the sun a lot he’s going be nothing but a shadow,'” Henderson said.

Henderson said the son only laughed at the joke because he was embarrassed and didn’t want to look as though he was hurt.  Beltz did offer an apology, but according to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, the gym teacher has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.

“If you can’t teach everybody on an equal basis, you don’t need to be teaching at all,” Henderson said. “You need to find something else to do.”


Clutchettes, what do you think about the comment made by the gym teacher?

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  • Krystal

    I agree…kids are teased enough by their peers, they don’t need it from their teachers too. It was an insensitive comment to make.

  • Margaret

    Who is this woman? Who would say something like that? They wonder about the state of education when they have idiots like this working in the system?

  • Aria Wilson

    Unacceptable. Any sane adult should know better.

    I bet the teacher would have hit the ceiling if her little snowflake came home upset b/c her Black teacher told her in front of the entire class that, “she was so white if she got any paler she would be a ghost”…

    I am sure she wouldn’t have thought that was “funny” or cute.

  • “…the gym teacher has been suspended with pay pending an investigation.”

    So basically she got a couple of extra weeks of paid vacation right before Christmas.

  • M. Wright

    Really? Nobody’s asking why this kid was in a meeting with his mother, teacher, and administrator when this kid said how much his feelings were hurt… a MONTH ago? Why isn’t that mentioned? BECAUSE HE WAS IN TROUBLE! Duh. What a liberally written and construed article, with no background, no real investigation, and one mother who is clearly bent out of shape because her precious child is a problem child. This isn’t about rce–this is about making excuses and looking for someone to blame. This child was so upset he didn’t say anything to anyone about it? And who was supposed to make the call home to inform the mother about what was said that MAY have offended someone in the classroom?

    Is this seriously what we expect from our teachers nowadays? A phone call home to each parent “just in case” something was said that day that offended a child, despite the fact that there’s no visible indication that anyone was upset? We already get forms sent home as a warning whenever creationism, evolution, or both might be mentioned. How about abstinence only? What if there’s a chance someone is offended by not discussing condom usage? Since that’s so stupid? We offend religions all the time by completely ignoring them; this teacher makes a comment off-the-cuff about skin color during a discussion on sunburns and skin cancer and she’s racist? You’ve got to be kidding me. Didn’t a previous version of this article state that the teacher immediately apologized to the kid? It was stupid, and she realized it–it just slipped out. Obviously if a call wasn’t made home it’s again because the kid insisted it wasn’t a problem. What are we supposed to do when we make a slip-up and the other person insists it’s not a problem? This mother is ridiculous calling for this teacher’s job based on an isolated incident. Give me a break.

    This was 1) not taken personally at any point by this child. He clearly was using the teacher’s comment as a scapegoat when he was pulled into a meeting with the principal. This is 2) clearly only being used as a scapegoat by a mother who wants someone to blame other than her child for what is most likely poor performance in school. I guarantee the kid’s grades reflect a pattern of poor performance and participation since the beginning of the school year–that should pretty clearly demonstrate whether or not this kid was actually offended by the teacher at any point. This is 3) clearly a situation that has already been addressed and supported by the school, so obviously we’re getting a pretty narrow version of the real story here. The school wasn’t taking any action and told the mother it was being handled LAST WEEK and she barges to the news when that’s not good enough? Why, because little Daron is still going to fail his PE class?

    This mother should be ashamed of the example she’s setting for this kid and he’s going to be an absolute nightmare for the next teacher coming along. He’s not going to get a fair shake at that school for the rest of his career and it’s his mother’s fault. How can you teach in an environment like this when you have parents bulldozing the school administrators and not letting them do their job? IT WAS LESS THAN A WEEK AGO and this woman couldn’t hold her mouth shut to see what happened? You don’t attack a well-respected teacher like this and expect to get away with it.

    Yes, the comment made sounds stupid any way you slice it, but this reaction is ridiculous. The article even moreso–racist?! What a shame a teacher’s entire career could possibly be destroyed by this one-sided bunch of liberal propaganda about the “state of our education system.” She said something dumb, but without intent, it CAN’T be racist, even if someone took it that way. Who hasn’t said something dumb here?

    • Aria Wilson

      You are 100% right!!

      We should TOTALLY let teachers tell our kids how Black they are (black as a shadow even!) in front of the entire class while they laugh loudly at him!! He had no right to be treated with the same dignity and respect as all the other little Caucasian kids! Maybe he shouldn’t have been born so Black…then he wouldn’t have to worry about it being pointed out.

      He and his mama are just UPPITY…imagine her wanting her Black son to be fairly treated. That poor teacher’s INTENT is all that matters…not what she actually says to a class of underage, impressionable students! He should be ashamed for being offended at something so incredibly offensive.

      Just ignore this folks….Nothing to see here! s\


    • Bolyen

      @M. Wright
      OMG! You wrote a thesis in an attempt at defending white privilege and entitlement. Sadly in our time as in our parents and theirs there will always be people like you. This is the typical mentality of many that keeps racism alive and well. There’s just too much confusion and strong delusion in our society.