Now, if you think about it. This is all plausible if these women possibly had invitro and was blessed with a bundle of joy without doing the “do”.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina’s Gillings School of Global Public Health examined data from about 8,000 participants in their study who reported their sexual history over a span of 19 years; over 5,000 of these subjects became pregnant and 45 of them, or 0.8 percent, did so without having intercourse. The women who claimed virginal pregnancies also state they received no fertility procedures such as in-vitro fertilization.

Osmosis!? Can you get pregnant by osmosis?

Amy Herring, Ph.D., a professor of biostatistics at UNC who led the study clinicians, described the “virginal” moms in press release:

 “Actually, we weren’t looking for virgin births at all. While analyzing data for a separate project that examined correlates of virginity in adulthood, we were surprised to discover that a number of these individuals who stated they were virgins also reported pregnancies. Once we confirmed these were not programming errors, we became interested in understanding factors related to this type of response pattern.  It is important to note that these women did not report their experiences directly as virgin pregnancies,” she said. “They answered a series of questions on pregnancy history and on history of vaginal intercourse, from which virginity status at the time of pregnancy was derived.”

What’s also interesting is that younger participants claimed virginal births. 31 percent of those virgin births came from women who signed chastity pledges; 15 percent of non-virgins births were by women who also signed chastity pledges. Well, that definitely wasn’t a promise kept.

Herring does think there may have been some form of user error because she hopes people aren’t that stupid to think you can be a virgin and still give birth   and maybe some people just didn’t fully comprehend the definition of sexual intercourse.


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  • The Other Jess

    I LOVE this depiction of Mary! The Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican itself always depict Mary as a Black woman. American racism and colorism changed all that here, and made it so that Mary was made white.

  • This is called parthenogenesis. This is when a woman’s body creates a clone of herself. A complete embryo. It does happen but is very very rare.

    • Again, it is not possible in human beings and yes, I have googled it. There’s a great Slate article from 2007 called, “Can a virgin give birth?” that lays this urban legend to rest.

  • It’s possible. A guy i used to date a while back got his ex girlfriend pregnant and they were both virgins. they apparently weren’t careful when he was um.. fingering her after him touching his semen.

  • This is actually pretty sad. We know it’s not possible for them to be virgins and pregnant so there’s a lot of delusion going on right when these women/girls need to have their heads firmly screwed on.

    • No. parthenogenesis (the scientific name) is real. Google it.

    • Parthenogenesis in humans doesn’t exist. Slate did an article that debunked that urban legend (which tells you the state of the American educational system). The article is called “Can a virgin give birth?”