jeramey-anderson-tulane-student-mississippi-house-representativesLast week Tulane University senior Jeramey Anderson turned 22 and was sworn into the Mississippi House of Representatives. He became the youngest member of the legislative body.

Anderson won the seat after competing in a general election against a candidate backed by the Democratic Party. Anderson won 60% of the vote in the November election, the Sun Herald reported.

The most important issue that Anderson believes he will have to confront is education.

“We focus too highly on standardized testing. We teach students to memorize the answers to specific questions and ideas, but what we don’t teach them is how is they got those answers. We need to get back to the foundation of understanding why things are what they are,” he told the Sun Herald.

Anderson is currently studying homeland security and public relations at Tulane. He plans to finish his education online when the House is in session.

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  • Good for him

    • BeanBean

      Wow, someone gave your comment a thumbs down??? Same with mine. Someone is surely trolling. Since when does “good for him” mean something bad?

  • pinky

    Love positive stories like this.

  • nick

    Congrats to him!!!! This right here deserves more attention than a Beyonce post. I’m too proud of this young man.

  • Knowledge

    Congrats, he is an inspiration though younger than me, I can certainly admire him. Many people have dreams of being political figures but due to lack of confidence and doubt esp for many blacks, they don’t follow through with those dreams. The article just reminded me, I can achieve what I put my mind too.

  • stellaxo

    Wow, really impressive!!! Congrats!