Last month, video was released which showed a confrontation between  39-year-old mother of five, Orianna Ferrell, of Tennessee, and New Mexico police.  Ferrell was seen being pulled over for speeding by a New Mexico state police officer just north of Santa Fe. The officer’s dash camera captured them arguing.

Ferrell fled twice during  the traffic stop.

The standoff finally ended when another officer  arrives and fires at least three shots at the van with the five children inside. After a 10-minute, high-speed chase, Ferrell finally stops.  Ferrell has since been released on bond. She faces charges of child abuse, fleeing and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia for a pair of marijuana pipes that authorities say were in the van.

One of the officers involved in the shooting was fired.

Lt. Emmanuel Gutierrez, a State Police spokesman, said he confirmed with State Police Chief Pete Kassetas that Officer Elias Montoya was no longer employed by the department. Montoya’s termination was effective at 5 p.m. Friday.

Montoya has 30 days to appeal his firing to the Public Safety Advisory Commission, which is made up of civilians appointed by the governor.

Montoya wrote in a police report that he aimed “at the left rear tire in an attempt to immobilize the vehicle.”


Chad Pierce, president of the New Mexico State Police Association, has said the union will make sure “due process is followed” and that Montoya receives a fair disciplinary hearing.

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  • Toni

    What about the officer seen on he video busting the glass with his baton? His actions could have also harmed the children and should be subject to disciplinary action.

    • Over a Ticket?

      How else during a hostile confrontation do you get into a LOCKED car?

    • it should not have been hostile and there were CHILDREN inside. repeat, CHILDREN.

    • Over a Ticket?

      Agreed! The baby mama made it hostile by driving off. Why don’t you tell us EXACTLY how the policeman should have handed her driving off, resisting arrest, her son stopping his mom from being arrested and locked car..

    • Naan

      When you do illegal things while children are present on top of displaying irrational behaviour, you lose credibility over who you are to those children.

      Thoughts that could have been running through that police officer’s head could have ranged from “kidnapping” to “child sex traficking.”

      His action very much so was reasonable.

    • victoria

      Yes, mom was a mess and should not get off easy. However, she was in a junk minivan; how far was she going to get? There were several police cars at the scene plus Im sure more couldve called for back up.

  • Afrostyling

    They need to take those kids from her.

  • Jessica

    Again I say, she saw the insanity in this cop’s eyes and fled.
    He wanted the situation to escalate. He wanted an excuse to use his gun.
    She wisely kept fleeing to a place where witnesses could see.

    • Naan

      Oh she saw the insanity is eyes when he simply said put the car in park while making it clear that he was walking BACK to his car to write the ticket up?

      That’s why she fled? Then she got pulled over for giving chase and suddenly he was reallllyyy evil then?

  • whats up wit all these cops firing all these rounds and never hitting what they shooting at? them rounds do end up somewhere.