What better way to highlight the issue of race and pop culture, than to make fun of it?

No?  Well, Saturday Night Live thinks so.

This past weekend’s SNL episode included a sketch called “White Christmas,” a trailer for “The first black Christmas movie for a white audience.”

The spoof had scenes from Madea movies and The Best Man Holiday, but white actors were used as cast members.  The show’s guest host, Paul Rudd, was Madea.  Kudos for them not putting him in black face. They’re not stupid.

Quotes from fake reviews  included “Can’t we have anything?” from Vibe magazine and Essence calling it “The Macklemore of movies.”

At the end Jay Pharoah jokes, “Are we going to in trouble for this?”

Watch the SNL clip below:


Clutchettes, what did you think of the sketch?

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